Chance of commercial break inturupting a story on CNN

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Christmas songs

christmas holiday Pie Chart winter - 6808524288
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bodily functions color Pie Chart sneezing snot - 4113429760
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Most useful flowchart ever

wtf flow chart - 7293577984
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Can Your Hip or Knee Pain Really Predict the Weather?

pain weather infographic - 7856325376
Via Wall Street Journal Online

Exam Rhythms

caffeine exams - 7383509504
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Thanks Alcohol

alcohol best of week crush Line Graph relationship - 6185328896
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One of these things ISN'T famous for doinkin' Ray J

Bar Graph Germany moving - 6238869248
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Somewhere Between 'Button' and 'Pick Axe'

nose voldemort - 4913651712
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She's a Witch!

best of week flow chart monty python witch - 5535513088
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Pssh, That's NOTHING

hide kids these days Pie Chart Popcorn - 4244125696
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I Know It's Here Someplace

ikea narnia Pie Chart store - 5379343360
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Darth Venn

darth vader star wars venn diagram venn diagrams - 6422671872
Via I Love Doodle


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PJs? You Should Be Naked All Day!

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Here Are Some Facts About the NES

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