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People Share Their Roommate Horror Stories

Everybody has had a bad roommate; if you haven't, you're probably the bad roommate. It is not that hard to clean up after yourself, communicate, and be considerate of the people you live with, yet many people struggle with it. I've heard so many roommate horror stories through the grapevine that are almost hard to believe. Somebody I know lived with someone who peed in the kitchen sink, and she walked in on him doing it. If you are wondering, yes, there were dishes in the sink. I have also hear…
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Puritan Claims Parents Shouldn't Have Intercourse In The Same House As Their Kids

Puriteens are at it again
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Woman Shamelessly Sleeps Through Dinner Date, Forcing Date to Pay $70 Cancellation Fee at Michelin Star Restaurant

Where are the manners?
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Article about Twitter Discourse Regarding Childless Millennials

Incredulous Dude Can't Understand Why Millennials Don't Want Children

Intending not to have kids has become much more socially acceptable for millennials . It used to be that if you were a person who didn't have kids, you were an old spinster, a nun, or a deeply ashamed closeted person. These days, a much larger chunk of young people are vehemently against bringing another life into this world. This can be for various reasons, from not wanting to financially support another human being to not wanting to push another person through their body. While these reasons…
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Stupid Dad Claims Math Education Should End In Middle School After Not Understanding His Kid's Algebra Homework

Anti-intellectualism at it's finest
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Hilarious HBO Max Tweets For Stubborn People Who Refuse to Call it 'Max'

Whose idea was this?
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Dude Tapes Crazy Letter On His Neighbors Door After Getting Ghosted, Twitter Debates Who is The Bad Guy

The discourse around the ethics of ghosting has been floating around the internet for years, and it seems like everybody feels strongly about it. I am convinced that some people believe that ghosting is a war crime. I am pro-ghosting in certain circumstances, and I'm no stranger to ghosting people after a first date, especially when nobody mentions wanting a second date during the initial date. My villain origin story for why I don't hate ghosting is one for the books. I went on a date when I w…
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Lazy Professor Fails His Entire Class Because Chat GPT Said All of Their Essays Were Written With Chat GPT

Chat GPT has caused a lot of new problems in the classroom. If plagiarism was a problem before, it's definitely a problem now. Luckily for teachers, Chat GPT isn't the greatest at writing essays, so they can usually tell when it's being used. If an essay says “As an AI tool, I cannot tell you XYZ,” you're probably in the clear for failing that student for plagiarism. Unfortunately, there is very little technology available for detecting whether AI tools are used. If you ask Chat GPT is a piece…
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20+ Tweets That Prove Christine Quinn Will Be Missed in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 6

Season 6 of Selling Sunset lands on Netflix on May 19, 2023. The hit reality TV show gained tons of popularity among fans who are seemingly obsessed with the glitz and glam of the real estate world . Although the baseline of the show is meant to focus on talented agents closing million-dollar deals on mansions in the Hollywood Hills, there's also an endless amount of drama to see in their personal lives. Keeping up with the intriguing cast of Selling Sunset has been easy to do since the first s…
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Disgruntled Neighbor Starts Debate for Response to Loud Couple Next Door

A real dilemma
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Hilarious Yeonmi Park Tweets For Ironic Fans of the North Korean Influencer

She's a lie-con, she's a legend, and she is the moment
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Twitter Debates Whether Young Al Pacino or Young Robert De Niro Was Hotter

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People Discuss Iconic Tweets That Define Twitter

Twitter is a place where online culture is created. That can be said of any number of social media sites, but Twitter is one that transcends the website and enters popular culture. Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “This sounds like it was written by a robot whose only exposure to humans is through Twitter discourse.” I had that exact thought while watching the 2022 movie Bodies, Bodies, Bodies , and I'm not the only one. Occasionally, tweets become so iconic that nobody ever forgets w…
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Cringey Bartender Attempts To Make a 'Perfect Old Fashioned', Fails Miserably

Poor soul
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People Discuss Whether They'd Withstand a Year of Solitary Confinement for $20 Billion

Nobody could survive this
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Hilarious 'The Good Doctor' Tweets For Dr. Han Apologists And Everyone Yelling, 'I AM A SURGEON'

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