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Clean Freak Washes Her Plastic Christmas Tree in the Bathtub, Sparks Debate About Performative Hygiene

How clean is too clean?
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Shady Landlord Meekly Refuses To Fix Tenant's Heat Until Next Year

Oh, that's not...
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Weekly Internet Roundup: A Stan Icon Speaks, Dogs Vs. Kids, and Wild AI Picture Stories

Also, Spotify chooses locational madness.
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Unsuspecting Office Worker Gets Dragged for Food Faux-Pas

That's nasty
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Boastful Woman Starts Debate After Claiming She Never Befriends Friends' Boyfriends

Weird flex?
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Interviewer Rejects Candidate After He Guesses The Salary Range Incorrectly

Even after he was okay with the lower salary!
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27 Hilarious Instances of Community Notes Debunking Misinformed Tweets

Fake news who?
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Dog Owners Debate Whether You Can Dogsit Your Own Dog

Can you babysit your own kid?
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38 Fresh Tweets From Twitter Users Who Don't Want to Call it X (November 18, 2023)

You'll always be Twitter to me
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15+ Hilariously Wholesome Travis Kelce Tweets From Years Before His Relationship With Taylor Swift

Let him cook
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Bitter Old Haters Criticize Hot Grandma For Her Fashion, Youngsters Rush to Her Defense

She's killing it!
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Art Teacher Destroys Students Sculpture Trying to “Improve It”

It looked so good!
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Parents on Twitter Share their Hottest Takes on Raising Kids

I'm allowed to take 50% of their Halloween candy
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Scammy Hairstylist Charges Clients $125 for a Virtual Product Consultation

How can you do that over Zoom?
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People Show Off Their Freckle Tattoos and the Internet Hates It

Freckles or chickenpox?
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Moviegoers Discuss Whether Chicken Wings and Fries Should Be Sold at Movie Theaters

By the bucket?
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