I'll Have What the Dog's Having

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Shoes, Really?

infographic phone Sad weird - 5065637376
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Addiction Looks a lot Like Pac Man

series pac man addiction marathon pie graph - 7691404032
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Unclutter Your Closet

fashion closet clothes - 7846173184

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average Bar Graph college huge rain sick toilet water - 3611853568
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Where Weirdness Comes From

4chan interwebs Japan mom Pie Chart reality tv - 3029250560
By kbh101

Talents I have that have gotten me Nowhere

useless thoughts Pie Chart - 6787408896
By markot9

Poor Sleepy Arachnologists

fear Pie Chart sleeping spiders study - 4543036416
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Your Brain on Homework

best of week brain homework school - 6069631488
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Where Do They All Come From?

girlfriend Pie Chart - 4872156928
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Reason People Will See "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs"

animation cartoons chase funny kids laughs movies - 2395053312
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What does the poetic hero of Queen's lyrics want?

bicycle body break die free lyrics man queen ride venn diagram want - 3284770304
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Hierarchy of Haters

pyramid - 7041707776
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