Forgot Nutella for My Spoons!

grocery store memory nutella Pie Chart shopping spoons - 4356666880
Created by snarkmode

Explosions (With Some Story)

explosion explosions Michael Bay Pie Chart transformers - 5390525440
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Browser History Privacy Is Serious

privacy - 7818425600
Created by zylantha

What Are They Putting in Those Bears?

Bar Graph dogs teddy bears - 5470177792
Created by DoctorWhoFanGeekAwesome

Colors by Culture

religion colors culture design infographic - 7941226496
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Two Scoops at the Bottom

Bar Graph boxes cereal delicious - 4516597504
Created by 246890

mutant Pie Chart shower - 3902310656
Created by sbc102003

The Hero With a Thousand Faces

awesome literature nerdy - 4868251648

Wait For It

bathroom pee Pie Chart - 4637489408
Created by Unknown

I Waited an Hour For the Letter K?

pie charts graphs texting funny - 4479285248
Created by Unknown

Types of sources university students use when doing an assignment

assignments books google students studying university wikipedia - 3661936384
Created by JAWS86

Cell Phone's Ringer Status when You Lose It

call cell phone lose silent status vibrate - 1415319808
Created by Unknown

Only Because We're Jealous

Pie Chart siblings twins - 4552333056
Created by gzellessobritish

Memechart of Procrastination

assignments faces infographic internet meme school - 4699910656
Via F Yeah Albuquerque

Huge Tracks of Land

games Pie Chart video games - 4831047680
Created by Unknown

What Happens In Vegas:

las vegas Pie Chart vacation youtube - 2445504768
Created by XvXrockstarkittehXvX