What people think about 2012, Before and After

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In Case You're Wondering if the Blackout Was Worth It:

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Time Spent While Gift Wrapping

Cats gifts holiday pets wrapping - 1516828416
Created by Panda_Yuki

A Telling Pie Chart

gross regret - 6815346944
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Easy to Follow Instructions

flowchart - 7309455616
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I Hope There's an Eevee Inside

childhood Pie Chart pokeball Pokémon - 5315126272
Created by doctorwhofan63

Happy Hour

politics women - 6527447552
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Olympics vs. Mars

best of week cost Mars Pie Chart - 6488633088
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The Rare Reader; Approach with Caution

caution poses - 7712334592

Why Did I Eat the Whole Thing?

eating Pie Chart - 5636821760
Created by KemitTheFrog

appearance computer finance pick two speed venn diagram - 3866081536
Created by funky3000

Ping Pong

chasing game ping pong - 6538463232
Created by markot9

Different Hairstyles For Different Lifstyles

Chart - 7886040832

That's Life

venn diagram - 6348738304

Most Importantly, A Movie Deal

Harry Potter movies parents Pie Chart - 4374068480
Created by TSolomon311
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