Breakdown of a Pack of Sour Skittles

candy chart art counting creative IRL numbers - 4558015488
Created by pcman1985

Star Wars

darth vader Death Star facts infographic movies space star wars - 4518510080

Pool Playing Skills

beer drinking Line Graph pool - 6998042624

Reasons to Do the Dishes

adults clean dishes forks spoons - 1898409216
Created by HeidiKaye

alone Bar Graph epic FAIL people watching wrong - 3613462272
Created by Bubdude123

Complete the Circle

worry circle ocd - 7683581952

'Tis the Season For Sweaters

Cheezburger Image 5587523072
Via I Love Charts

Why Not Both?

doctor who Pie Chart - 7868597504

Real Life Etiquette

fork etiquette computer - 7768193280

Augh, It Burns!

Bar Graph bathing pain shampoo shower - 4794197760
Created by mikkins

Venn Diagram of an Overused Catchphrase

yolo venn diagram - 7074289664
Via I Love Charts

And This Would Be Different From Every Other Pop Star How?

best of week Pie Chart profanity - 5919637760
Created by Higher_Alpha

Jeggings are Always to Blame

fashion - 7851473408
Created by hatslady

American Idol Bar Graph TV - 3436774144
Created by Zartog

Things We Will Do

Songs taylor swift Music - 6765469952

Also, Pervy Old Guys

anime Japan Pie Chart - 5366784000
Created by okmnjiuyhgbvgtytfcxdreszAwq
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