The Alternate History Channel

Aliens history channel nazis Pie Chart - 4325190656
Created by Minerva9544

Anatomy of a Bird

anatomy bird dumb - 6628597504
Via I Love Charts

Surge Protector Usage

Pie Chart usage - 2626611712
Created by Unknown

How to Roll Up Your Sleeves with Style

fashion Chart How To - 7953969664
Created by Unknown

Yay US!

FAIL infographic us - 4648875776


best of week comparison god infographic jesus - 6438209536
Created by PetePete


no Pie Chart - 7035608576
Via @BenGreenman

47 Years of Star Trek

facts TV Star Trek - 7782156032
Created by CitizenjaQ

A Week at School

school week - 6631359232
Via The Fuuuu Comics

Use This Easy-Flow American/British Translation Chart

British Chart language - 7916559872
Created by Unknown

Hope You Remembered to Save It to Your Desktop

computers internet Pie Chart - 4913089280
Created by AgentZero1337

Gentlemen's Accessories

doctor who venn diagram categoryimage - 6650697216
Created by Unknown

Chances of taking a shot in the crotch

crotch teaching win - 1926871296
Created by Dellio

Forever a Jedi

Luke forever alone star wars Movie sister Pie Chart - 5312142080
Created by starwarsfan11


90s learning remember Sesame Street Songs study venn diagram - 2293405952
Created by Unknown

I Find a Waxing Crescent to Be Most Delicious

cookies moon Oreos - 5219483648
Created by Unknown
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