What I learned in Accounting Class vs Level of Importance

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Created by killum

Vanity License Plates

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Created by ekipke

Born In the Year of the Undead

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Created by sixonefive72

I'm Not Sure How Any of These Are Still Working

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Via Awkward Elevator

But the Store Is So Big!

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Created by HoodieHorrorGirl

Not to Mention What Tickle Me Elmo Taught Them

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Created by kitty12678

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Things that start with "I'm not racist but..."

comments Pie Chart thats-racist - 6211543552

Grandma Done Told You

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Do You Know Your Harry Potter MBTI?

Harry Potter - 7817608960
Via Simbaga

How Much I Want Something

buy day first month store want - 1657579264
Created by MeinHandiKatzen

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Created by publius

Then and Now, Gendered Work Weeks

Cheezburger Image 7803799296

Paws What You're Doing, I Need Something Right Meow

pets working Cats Pie Chart - 7974815232
Created by trouble41

Should You Forward That Email

embarrassing flow chart funny - 6508464384
Via Shoe Box Blog

Men Vs. Women

men vs women mirror - 6629361408
Created by NDawg606 ( Via Constructed Destruction Comics )
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