Skin Tone vs Time

Line Graph michael jackson skin - 6215862272
Created by Janichsan

What You Don't Know Can't Make You Unhappy

best of week happiness intelligence Line Graph - 5403432448
Created by lazarus90

Video Games Are Very Constructive

lazy planning useful venn diagram - 4746453760
Created by satanstolemysocks

While the Probability of Saying Something Stupid Increases

ability best of week girls Line Graph stupid talking - 5432979712

When my cat wants attention

attention bathroom cat food pet - 1426388224

Give the Best Advice

drinks movies Pie Chart - 5190434816
Created by IsaiahOreeo

Misleading Mountain

Memes Pie Chart - 4530339328
Created by furrybrats2

consequences crash fly gay gay marriage lady gaga marriage pig president - 3353780480

Kids Reaction to New Toys

after before buy kids need toys - 2353561856
Created by smartash

Death Pie Chart religion video games - 3801449728
Created by Popolo

My level of alertness

awake Bar Graph bed class level sleep work zombie - 2703016448

Selective Memory

memory miley cyrus - 7767193088
Created by 314master

What users do when they press 'shuffle' on their mp3 player

button hear ipod Pie Chart shuffle song wanted - 3290403584
Created by Cyberblade


flowchart fever categoryimage - 6628986112
Via Graphic-Contents

What Little Kids Learn from Cinderella

circle graphs disney kids lessons - 3641404160
Created by rubybooksuraski

Pie Chart scary toast - 3924139008
Created by Hintfo
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