Is It Really That Much Work to Open a Door?

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Created by budgiekens

Yes, All Dogs Are Green

children cute dogs food lies Pie Chart - 4306751232
Created by jmoskwa99

Amount of Misleading Graphs

internet Line Graph misleading reading true facts - 6214307840
Created by someone124

Cool Runnings, Tonya Harding, and Winter Olympics, Oh My!

winter olympics - 7674322944
Created by neomam ( Via Club Med )

The dishes have become self aware and are replicating on their own.

Line Graph dishes messy laziness - 6650892288
Created by bobtron

Conversations at Conferences

pie charts weather graphs funny - 7579869952
Created by Unknown

He Was a Good Guy All Along!

Bar Graph Harry Potter - 4982762240
Created by HayleySnape

Men Vs. Women

men vs women mirror - 6629361408
Created by NDawg606 ( Via Constructed Destruction Comics )

Responses To Me Dancing

chicks dancing on Pie Chart responses shirt - 2650166784
Created by GraphComedy

Protester vs. Protester

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A Clear and Handy Chart to End the 'Is It a Hoverboard?' Dispute

funny flow chart is it a hoverboard?
Via julianmuller

Not In the Face!

boss battle face Pie Chart video games zelda - 5559136000
Created by lermilo

That's Subtle

bag bathroom Pie Chart - 5277540096
Created by Unknown

True Facts About Pizza

food Pie Chart pizza true facts - 5981106944
Via Maryontheinternet

How to scare kids

kids internet scare Pie Chart - 6940874240
Created by Unknown

boss flow chart work - 3995193344
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