But I Follow People For Their Witty Writing

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Questions to ask yourself before eating a 15 pound cheeseburger

Text - Questions to ask yourself before eating a 15 pound cheeseburger Am I really that hungry, or should order the 12 pound cheese burger? Does it come with fries? Would it be easier to order 60 quarter pounders? Can I get it on a low- carb bun? How expensive is it to be buried in a piano case?
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Beer Is Quite Magnificent!

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Who you're going to marry (according to romantic comedies)

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Created by blg1538

Reasons why you are gay on Facebook

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Do You Still Want That Gallon Mug of Coke

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Created by lprd

Things my brain remembers

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Created by BGame46

"Oh Sure, Your Eyes are 'Watery' Because You 'Yawned'"

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Your Jedi Mind Tricks Will Not Work On Me, Boy

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What Do Teachers Do On Weekends? Mystery Solved.

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Via We Are Teachers

A Cats Perspective

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Created by Kiwi78

How to Find Bacon in a Car

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Created by lOljaysimpsons

Third Wheel

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