Inception is Tricky

wtf Inception movies - 4513090048
By MattheJ1

Re-Plotted: I Just Find Humanity So Stimulating

best of week college hipsters major Pie Chart - 5295558656
By aggman

Likelihood of Finding Proper Grammar on the Internet

grammar internet men spelling technology women - 1503697152
By pingpeppy

Damn You Canada!

Pie Chart television - 7976066816
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

banana jelly Memes time venn diagram - 4135535104
By thermos14

Being a Person

Reframe graphs funny - 7479356416
By Unknown

Facebook Walls

likes facebook Pie Chart - 7705502720
By SoKawii170

Self Defense Steps for Women

best of week women - 5527437312
Via Pleated Jeans

What I'm Looking Forward to the Most In HP-DH Pt. 2

Cheezburger Image 4919398656
By abkneal

And Yet, I Keep Chewing

chewing flavor gum Line Graph taste time - 6438587648
By 013594

fast food McDonald's movies Pie Chart - 4507132672
By Koolguy_GT500

Shouldn't There Be Some Damage From the Crash?

awesome venn diagram - 4842939904
Via pancake face

My Best Friend Gave Me That Gum Wrapper!

cleaning mom trash venn diagram - 4964524032
By GraceJediHeart

Likelihood of Having a Twin

family soap opera TV - 1480147200
By Unknown

How to Scare Kids now

internet kids lying monster Pie Chart room scare stuff - 2729698816
By ittehbittehkitteh

What's on NBC

NBC news nothing Pie Chart TV - 2713466368
By Unknown
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