Lots of Time and Money Invested...

money time venn diagram win women - 5611294464

What "Wii Sports" Results In

broken furniture nintendo sports video games weight loss wii - 2203521792
Created by RumpleBum

game Pie Chart time - 4136652800
Created by Natinov

Phrases said after "No offense, but..."

Pie Chart - 6733298432
Created by chocochick827

How Else I Am Supposed to Know If It's Over 9000

Bar Graph over 9000 reality self referential - 6065294080
Created by cullenster4

Just Rub All Up On Someone

Awkward crotch itch Pie Chart - 5037348608
Created by AmbyDexterous

Or Any Privacy - Keep Out of His Diary!

diary Harry Potter nose Pie Chart privacy voldemort - 4386771968
Created by TeamSeverusSnape

Time my hair looks good

Bar Graph friend good hair home looks out perfect pretty school sucks - 2998158080

Aunt Flo Pie Chart vampires - 3954106880

childhood kids Pie Chart Pokémon Songs - 4096889856
Created by bronny1996

LOL, Dongs

kids graphs funny - 4456490240
Created by Unknown

A Complaint Inside a Complaint: Lamentation

Inception Memes self referential Skyrim - 5585931520
Created by snakebarnes

Pictures of me that other people tag on facebook

drunk facebook internet - 1743195904
Created by the_rog

Songs on my iPod

ipod listen own Songs venn diagram - 2977980160
Created by Unknown

The Pen15 Club

infographic pens sex - 4160269312

Classic: I'll Just Take Care of It Later...

best of week computer update - 5365675264
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