Why We Can't Have Nice Things?

best of week patrick Pie Chart sparta Sponge Bob Squarepants - 5416377600
By Unknown

logic marriage Pie Chart - 3868567040
By wtfudgsicle

When There's "No Food" At Home

food Pie Chart - 7040114176
By Unknown

Lottery ticket sales

luck people sales win - 1768994560
By Lolhax

Is It Game Over for Console Gaming?

video games infographic - 6938197248
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It's Like You Don't Even Exist

facebook How People View Me Pie Chart - 5203211776
By T-Rev99

That Was for the Kids?

candy halloween Pie Chart - 5355724288
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Book Potter vs. Movie Potter

best of week books characters Harry Potter Movie - 6422683648
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Better Call My Voicemail

cell phone Pie Chart talking texting - 4838447360
By Unknown

moustache Pie Chart - 4039094272
By ethman770

When You Think You Will Get Attacked By A Shark

attack Bar Graph die shark shark week water - 2499558656
By thatchergleason

The Truth Hurts

truth jerks parents - 7155712512
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The Best Hair In Hollywood

awesome hair movies - 5223671808
By Unknown

Which States Love Starbucks the Most?

best of week coffee company Maps Starbucks states us - 6436895232
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Why Snooki's Book Failed

jersey shore tv shows venn diagram - 6243835392
By Unknown

magazines old Pie Chart read school - 3456187136
By connorr134
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