Just Ask For It Back After Class

paper Pie Chart - 4723093248
By Unknown

Did I Really Misspell my Own Last Name?

assignments Bar Graph homework papers school writing - 4645882368
By starwars42

Why Does That Guy Have the Word 'Fap' All Around Him?

fapping parents Pie Chart - 5544694528
By TheWarrior

What happens in Vegas

husband internet las vegas wife - 2181267200
By xiphoniii

Pokemon's Not So Lame Anymore, Is It, Eighth Grade Bullies?

best of week Line Graph middle school truancy story - 5672635904
By adetastres

During Obama's Inaugural Speech

politics situational humor - 1649907968
By ManUFan8891

The Last Time I Took Dietary Advice From Pink Floyd I Ended Up Staying Awake For a Week

Text - Pink Floyd's Guide to Pudding Acquisition How Can You Have Any Pudding If You Don't Eat Yer Meat? Eat Yer Meat If You Don't Eat Yer Meat, You Can't Have Any Pudding Did You Eat Yer Meat? No Yes You Can Have Pudding SUNNY-NIHILIST.TUMBLR.COM
Via Graphic Contents

Gotta Catch

star wars - 7719722240
By Unknown

Forever a Scapegoat

blame Pie Chart Sad work - 4871318528
By pcman1985

Do you Need Help Boosting your Geek Cred?

geek Travel infographic - 8005442560
By neomam (Via Cheapflights)

Poli Sci Problems

school jobs Congress - 7857382912
By Unknown


couch lost Pie Chart remote - 4714101248
By Unknown


care computers dont internet twitter - 2075858688
By Unknown

There Seems to Be a Correlation

murder internet explorer - 7685601792
By Unknown

Pie Chart teachers wikipedia - 3956620544
By Unknown

Those Movies All Take Place on the Same Day

movies Pie Chart - 5296420608
By Ellimistopher
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