Rock On

history infographic technology - 4692604160
Via Like Cool

I'd Tap That

pun - 7876495616
By Unknown

number of times I select "next page" on cheezburger

internet Pie Chart self referential - 6506305280
By network-failure

So Wait, You're Designing Trains Then?

engineering Pie Chart school truancy story - 5555686656
By Unknown

Actual Use of Automatic Doors

star wars the force lazy replotted Pie Chart Jedi - 6767014144
By LastHussar

what people think michael jackson is famous for...

michael jackson Music pop pop stars - 1648819968
By Gllue22

Names I Call My Dog

pet dogs name Pie Chart - 7001310464
By Unknown

Hakuna Matata

disney Pie Chart singers singing - 5031355904
By emps

The female dilemma

Sad unfortunate - 7153835776
By SupRflyDK (Via Chart Attack)

A Quantum Guide To L.A. Strip Malls

malls infographic - 7887667712
Via LA Mag

Confidence in Ability to Be President Is the First Disqualification

best of week political politics venn diagram - 5421310208
By snakebarnes

The Most Expensive Legal Battles In History [Infographic]

expensive money - 7343134976
By neomam (Via Crofton's Injury Claims)

I Did Some Stuff

Pie Chart weekend - 5335912448
By Unknown

Uses for a pie chart on the internet

self referential meme classic Pie Chart - 6973757952
By Unknown

What Does the Scouter Say About His Sleep Habits?

energy Line Graph over 9000 sleep - 6094938624
By Unknown

I'm Resigned to Wear Dentures

dentist health Pie Chart teeth - 4650066176
By jazjaz130
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