Things Dora the Explorer has accomplished teaching little girls

dora the explorer english girls spanish teaching teamwork television - 2417980672

A Guide to Zombies

zombie thriller - 6966973440
Created by dolf1nluvr ( Via Think Geek )

No Pain, No Gain

Pie Chart weight weight loss - 4744461568
Created by milzamo

Work as a consultant

venn diagrams graphs funny - 7607140864

knife pencil Pie Chart scissors - 4111713024
Created by TacoMan72

[Title Here]

best of week incomplete Pie Chart - 5389915648
Created by macmcjones

How Am I Supposed to Enjoy Being Sick

illness Pie Chart school - 6365397760
Created by SuperMegaMemeSam

This Could Also Be The Heat Map for Good Cheese

Cheezburger Image 7727963648

This GIF Shows the Most Popular US Baby Names for Girls Since 1960

gifs map parenting g rated - 7863444992
Via The Atlantic

close ignore keyboard letters Pie Chart typo - 3359732480
Created by Unknown

Wish This Worked for Other Not So Complimentary Items

free not Pie Chart stealing - 4732527104

Things to Do Without Access To The Internet

book hell McDonald's naps read sadness - 2224945408

It's Shaped Like a Penis for a Reason

drawing drunk friend marker notes Pie Chart sharpie - 4470747904
Created by Ada-lost-life

Thank You, Synonyms!

words - 5170363904

What people admire Neil Armstrong for

Lance Armstrong moon neil armstrong Pie Chart - 6546520064

All You Really Need Is a Toothbrush and Fresh Underwear

packing Travel underwear vacation venn diagram - 5851066624
Created by SnickerdoodleGurl
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