It's a viscious cycle

call of duty video games - 6762802688
Created by Slyde1052

How I know locations in New York City

Pie Chart video games - 6666889728
Created by Eer6711

I Always Bring a Coat to the Frozen Section

Bar Graph cold frozen grocery store - 5750369280
Created by pishipower

It's Always Food

always food dogs - 5150561536
Created by JonM

The Money Really Goes to Their Head...

kids Line Graph money poor rich - 6441041408
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How happy a when i pet them

dogs people pets Bar Graph Cats animals - 6796182016
Created by damncatufunny

Cheezburger Image 4419993344
Created by soccer_blue

Motorcycle? Green?

green - 6186510848
Created by fordps3
millennial problems

The True Understanding to Millennial Problems Can Be Explained on This Guy's Instagram

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What Your Dog Will Bark At

bark Cats dogs nothing Pie Chart - 2555142656
Created by valeriecide

And Then She Ignores You

annoying cat feline meow venn diagram - 4694397440
Created by Unknown

Playing Street Fighter

Pie Chart Street fighter video games - 6555621888
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Anatomy of a Facebook Complaint

complaining facebook social network yo dawg - 6214108928
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Blind Goggles

attraction drunk old Pie Chart - 5555734272
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Inception pacman Pie Chart pie charts - 4352678400
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And They Complain About Running Out of Time...

class college Pie Chart Professors truancy story - 5682281216
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