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Dog owner gets scolded by fellow passenger and mom for taking her dog on the train, she retaliates by exposing the misbehavior of her kids: 'When your dog is 10 times better behaved, yet still gets complaints'

She was not impressed
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chair, furniture, rocking chair, inheritance, heirloom, refurbished, tiktok, twitter, twitter thread, family, parents, controversy

Enthusiastic DIYers receive family heirloom rocking chair, controversially decide to refurbish it instead of continuing tradition: 'This is why everyone hates millennials'

They undid generations of tradition
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (July 16, 2024)

Clock app shenanigans
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airplane, flight, cabin crew, funny, tiktok, comments, boyfriend, working

Extroverted boyfriend goes to bathroom mid-flight, accidentally becomes flight attendant: [They] might have a new staff member next week'

He's having a great time
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husband, wife, allergy, shellfish, shrimp, tiktok, comments, controversy, relationships, marriage

Inconsiderate husband eats shrimp cocktail in front of wife with severe shellfish allergy: 'I think he craves it more knowing it'll send me to the grave'

He's shellfish
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jump rope, exercise, stranger, neighbor, social media, tiktok, twitter, exercising, controversy

Woman receives support after getting chastisted for jumping rope in driveway: 'I hope she starts a jump roping club in her front yard'

She's doing her best
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food, spaghetti, controversy, twitter, twitter thread, tiktok, cooking, eating, dinner, relationships, marriage

Picky manchild gets judged for forcing wife to cook him a separate dinner: 'Imagine how much her family hates him'

Grow up
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gen z, millennials, gen x, interior decor, kitchen, tuscan, trend, house, home, tiktok, twitter, twitter thread, nostalgia

Zoomer amuses Millennials by romanticizing kitschy 2000s kitchen decor: 'Tuscan-maxxing is better than being Millennial grey backsplash-pilled'

Everything becomes trendy again
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viral videos, twitter, tiktoks, viral tiktok, bad parenting, bad parents, parenting, dad, parent, mom, Parenting Fail, twitter discourse, parents, Parenting FAILS, tiktok

'Unpopular opinion but more parents need to hear that they’re doing a bad job': Dad criticizes parents for posting their toddler's meltdowns on TikTok

They hated him because he spoke the truth.
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2015, viral videos, alex from target, tiktoks, viral tiktok, videos, funny video viral video, spitting, loogie, Memes, hawk tuah, meme, viral, hawking a loogie. Video tiktok

How Hawk Tuah Brought The 2014 Meme Into 2024

If you've spent multiple years engaging with internet memes, you can probably tell when a meme is dated. I remember being a freshman in high school, seeing image macros like Bad Luck Brian being used earnestly by my less online peers and having the passing thought of how passe they were. I would scroll through the Instagram Explore page, see a screenshot of a Tumblr textpost, and bemoan how I saw it in 2012, three whole years after it was regurgitated for an audience of “basics” (a now-dead ter…
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twitter, twitter thread, pregnancy, pregnancy announcement, reaction, mom, dad, husabnd, wife, relationships, controversy, twitter, twitter thread, tiktok

Excited mom-to-be announces pregnancy, faces husband's unenthused reaction: 'She bouta be a single married mom'

Probably not what she hoped for
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crazy people, karen, hoa, lake, fishing, tiktok, twitter, viral tiktok, boomers

Belligerent homeowners association boomer breaks fishing rod of boy fishing in neighborhood lake, threatens to prosecute: 'Your parents are going to be real proud of that'

NIMBYs can't help themselves
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (July 9, 2024)

The clock don't stop
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (July 2, 2024)

A special place
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cleaning, clean, ultraclean, clean up, cleaner, cleanliness, germs, neat freak, house, housework, homemaker, groceries, tiktok, viral tiktok, tiktoks, video, twitter discourse, discourse, debate

'Performative cleanliness is such an interesting concept': Homemaker washes gallons of milk and bottles of juice before putting them in the fridge, sparks debate

Or is this crazy?
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viral videos, antiwork, twitter, tiktoks, jobs, job, viral tiktok, work, viral video, working, twitter reactions, tweets, tweet, money, Video, twitter discourse, tiktok

Dude encourages everyone to stop working because their bosses don't care about them: 'Stop simping for your capitalist overlord who do not love you'

Should my boss love me?
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