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Mom refuses to take daughter's good grades off the fridge, despite hurting less academic stepdaughter's feelings: 'If she gets a good grade we can put it on the fridge'

She deserves to feel proud of herself
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Millionaire chews out friend for asking to borrow $5: 'She's posh now, and is not of your world anymore'

Friends and money should never mix
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‘Good riddance’: Passangers get kicked off flight after they falsly claim they left a bag with medicine behind and significantly delay take-off

‘Good riddance’: Passengers get kicked off flight after they falsely claim they left a bag with medicine behind and significantly delay take-off

Maybe they thought something was wrong with the left phalange
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'You know who's gonna suffer here? This poor kid': New parents resolve to call their baby 2 different names after name argument stalemate

Two names is better than one
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'It will take years for our landscaping to recover': Tyrannical HOA cuts down over 30 trees in just 6 days, angering homeowners

Call me a tree hugger, but trees are our friends
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Concerned parents fall out with tradwife daughter and husband after saving money for her in case of divorce: 'She felt we were rooting against her'

Child support wouldn't cover everything
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26 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (May 19, 2024)

Had to do a double take on that one
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'This one is 2 days old': Woman called in to minimum wage job on Mother’s Day 48 hours after giving birth

Not the best way to celebrate Mother's Day
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Bored government worker complains they were given a $20k salary increase to do 'literally nothing,' while some claim it's a dream job: 'Use the facilities, use the benefits'

Dream job or nightmare job?
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The Most Entertaining Reddit Posts of the Week (May 17, 2024)

Thanks for the gold, kind stranger
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Woman who had a false positive pregnancy test throws a fit when nobody gets her anything for Mother's Day: 'Nobody owed her a Mother’s Day gift because she’s not a mother yet'

Such a delicate situation
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'Her circle must think she's a failure to earn less than her husband': Man tells wealthy wife's snooty friends he makes more money than her after being called a gold digger

She needs to stand up for him
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'Wouldn't want to be dishonest': Controlling micromanager tells employee he can't put 10 minutes overtime on his timesheet, gets hit with malicious compliance

Time is money
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Mom pressures mother-in-law to leave her teaching job of 13 years because she doesn't want her son in her kindergarten class: 'She asked me to move positions or to retire'

How dare she?
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'Tell them to train the dog': Karen neighbor blames barking dog on neighbor's cats sitting in the window

Cat people vs. dog people
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Dad skips son's high school graduation for 14-year-old stepdaughters competition that her mom is already attending: 'Once she came into his life he prioritized her every step of the way'

Bad dad alert
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