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Shameless Choosing Beggars Who Have Got A Lotta Nerve

'Exposure' doesn't pay the bills.
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A compilation of strange, blessed, cursed, and blursed images.

Strange Images That Blur The Line Between Cursed and Blessed

The internet was so much simpler when everyone labeled anything slightly non-normative as “cursed.” Any image that did not depict the most normie, understandable, easily graspable concept was designed an affront to God or some kind of spooky
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Power-Tripping Boss Expects Employees to Stay at Work During Unpaid Lunch Break

Employment is pretty simple. An employer is supposed to compensate a worker for their time. When said worker is off the clock, they can do whatever the hell they want with their time. You either pay someone for their time or you dismiss them from their duties. Demanding that people stay at work while they're off the clock? Not to get all hyperbolic, but that lowkey sounds like slavery to me.
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Scary Science Facts Most People Don't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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Customer Asks for 'One of the Boys' When Female Employee Offers Help, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Love to see workplace camaraderie.
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Legend Nukes Job Interview with Whiny Boss, Gets Offered Position Anyway

Nobody wants to work anymore
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Elders Express Gratitude to Gen Y In Refreshingly Wholesome 'Boomer Vs. Millennial' Moment

Baby Boomers are defending Millennials? It's a Reddit miracle.
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A Cacophony of Cursed Comments From Deranged Netizens

My eyes
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A reddit thread where people discuss what will be nostalgic in 50 years

Redditors Discuss What Will Be Nostalgic In 50 Years

60 years ago, retrofuturism was all the rage. Shows like The Jetsons predicted we'd have flying cars with and robot maids by now, but we have nothing of the kind. Predicting the future accurately is really difficult, because unless you're a highly intuitive psychic woman at the local fairgrounds, most of us don't feel confident making definite predictions for how the next couple of decades will go down. With the future of humanity increasingly uncertain, most of us are predicting things in 2072…
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A Reddit Post about Racist job posting that demands applicants have grandparents born in the united states

Deranged Job Posting Demands Applicants Grandparents Must Be Born In United States

So many job postings list very strange requirement for applying. Sometimes they're innocuous, like jobs that anyone could learn in 3 days needing applicants with 3-5 years of full time working experience. Other instances are shadier, like when jobs that require no manual labor whatsoever need employees who have the ability to life 30-50 pounds. That was a requirement for my job as a library security guard. The heaviest thing I had to lift in that job was a walkie talkie. It's far less socially…
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Shady Boss Tries to Get Away With Wage Theft, Worker Hits Him With Perfect Response

Some bosses seem to really go out of their way to be complete a-holes. What's the point of cheating an already underpaid employee out of £20? At that point it's not just about money—it's about exploiting your position of power to take advantage of people just because you can, and that's pretty twisted. One redditor recently shared a text exchange between a restaurant owner and his new employee , who had initially messaged him inquiring about missing wages. Keep scrolling to see how the infuriat…
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Funny self-owns, suicide by words, funny memes, masochistic, self-deprecating, reddit | come dudes don't go through girls phones ent O Like 425 no 566 shares Slade Kahkwetwew 5 hrs like being happy | Brain-Eating Amoebas Kerosene Creek 1.1M views 11 months ago 42K 281 Share Download Save fischX 6 months ago Had brain eating amoeba once, poor fella died hungry

Spicy Self-Owns That Deserve Respect

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A compilation of funny and interesting images and screenshots from Reddit posts and Reddit threads

Hilarious Reddit Posts That Prove It's Not So Bad After All

Reddit has a mediocre reputation depending on who you ask. So many non-Redditors believe it's an absolute cesspool of the worst people with the worst opinions imaginable. I myself believed that before I made my account. Those who've never taken a dip into the waters of Reddit themselves need to know that it's just like any social media in that you need to curate your feed. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok: every one of these places can be either a pleasant walk in the park or hell on earth, depending…
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Exhausted Cashier Speaks Out Against Elderly Customers for Trauma Dumping on Workers

Reel it in
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Dude Goes On Business Trip, Girlfriend Intentionally Releases His Beloved Dog Into Wild

Not acceptable
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Reddit post about crazy Karen who demands person gets out of elevator for her and her seven children

Crazy Karen Demands Everyone Gets Out of Elevator to Make Room For Her 7 Children

The hallmark trait of a Karen is entitlement. Most Karen's wants to control every person around them, even if they is making the most demanding and absurd request. Not only do they believe the world revolves around them, but they are going to ensure that everyone around them knows they think the world revolves around them and make it the public's problem. One of the worst breeds of Karen's are those who demand you inconvenience yourself for them and their spoiled rotten kids . They yell at rest…
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