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Things That Make People Look Ten Times Older Than They Are

Redditors discuss stressors and choices that instantly age people
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Myth Busters Talk About All the 'Dangerous' Things That Are Actually Pretty Safe

It's not always life or death
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Mom Takes Niece in for a Month, Gets Blamed By SIL When She Likes Her Aunt's Household Better

It's quite complicated
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Boy Calls Out Douchey Brother for Casual Prejudice, Parents Accuse Him of Bullying

Permissive parenting at its worst
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20 Iconic Posts From The Depths of Reddit

Take a splash
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The Best Low Effort Jobs That Have the Highest Salaries, According to People on Reddit

Maybe it's time for a career change
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Entitled Cheater Expects Ex-Husband to Babysit Her Affair Partner's Kids and Include Them In ‘Family Traditions’

What was she thinking?
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Boss Shows Up Unannounced to Employee’s House While He’s on Sick Leave Instead of Sending Email

Is this even legal?
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Reddit Users Share Childhood Pleasures That Defy Adulthood - Relatable Quirks and Joys

Millennials Share Relatable Childhood Pleasures They Were Told to Outgrow but Never Did

Defying the laws of adulting
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Old Souls Get Nostalgic About Old-Fashioned Thingamajigs That Used to Be 'All That and a Bag of Chips'

McAfee Antivirus
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Unreasonable Manager Demands Employee Call Her When They Leave Their House And Show Up To Work 10 Minutes Early

That's too much
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Entitled Hiker Refuses to Move From Picturesque Spot For Couple's Proposal

He didn't "have to", but he should have
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Heartless Boss Cancels Employee’s Time Off for Mom’s Funeral, Threatens to Fire Her if She Goes

Where's the compassion?
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Entitled Karen Demands Teenager With a Prosthetic Leg Give Up Her Train Seat For Her

Don't judge a book by its cover.
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Savage Comebacks & Brutal Burns From the Insult Laureates of the Internet

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The Cringiest Parenting Texts & Posts of the Week (September 12, 2023)

Truly unhinged
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