Maybe If I Stare a Little Longer...

computer Line Graph procrastination school studying - 6241079296
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Starcraft to Scale

starcraft scale infographic - 7777452288
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Christmas’s Ugly Sweaters

fashion christmas - 7960717312

Pop Culture is For Muggles

Harry Potter conversation - 7810227200
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New Math

life equations math - 6787959552
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Contents of a McDonald's Iced Coffee

coffee contents drink ice McDonald's Pie Chart - 2737580544
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Mom's Who've Got It Going On

song moms - 7034352896
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I Think I Could Squeeze You In...

calendar Pie Chart schedule social life - 4596719360
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The School Bathroom Paradox

bad paradox smells taken toilet paper venn diagram working - 2850148096
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Worth the Wait

snow skiing Pie Chart - 6947297792
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Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever

obama election 2012 politics - 6729208320
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bless you Line Graph sneezing - 3823052288
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Playing Tennis

difficult tennis - 7379993344
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AASL: The Alternative American Sign Language

infographic loser pirates sign language - 4510185984

Reload Save Point, Please?

frustrating IRL Pie Chart video games - 4701004288
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