Soo Cold, Must Be Prepared to Lose a Toe to Frostbite

lazy morning Pie Chart waking up - 7935177728
By ThisPoisonedOne
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I've Got 99.999... Problems, But a Repeating Decimal Ain't One

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Widow Tweed, What Are You Doing?!

Bar Graph Sad - 4748164096
By Unknown

I Love You!

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By iqf

The Job Paradox

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By Unknown

How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work

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You Must Choose

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The Real Reason Men Love Beards

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Game of Thrones for Math Nerds

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People on Yahoo! Answers

google Pie Chart trolls - 6574969856
By MissingNO123

I'm Resigned to Wear Dentures

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By jazjaz130

What I think of when I hear the word "link".

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By lol290

So Does Bill Murray

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By emma_woo

Loud Noises!

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By Nye

Typical Situation

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By Jefftron