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A Cringeworthy Assembly of Pretty Terrible Cringe

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Neckbeard Reveals He Never Washes Ramen Bowl, Horrifies the Internet

Are you familiar with the concept of seasoning cast iron cookware? The intention behind the process, which is essentially baking oil into the cookware, is to make it a nonstick surface and to help protect it from rusting. People are pretty intense about their cast iron, which probably explains all the memes against washing the cookware in a dishwasher or (gasp!) using soap. Contrary to what some may believe or tout on the Internet, it's OK to use a little soap on cast iron, as long as you reple…
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Deep Memes, Stupid Memes, Cringe Memes, Funny Memes | SOCIETY No photo has more perfectly described my life than this one Danny Phantom | wish this is possible injecting books into brain

Deep Memes From the Cringey Philosophers of the Internet

We laughed so hard, we cried.
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A Collection of Cringe That May Cause Secondhand Embarrassment

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Cringeworthy Images That Didn't Age Well

Regrettable Images & Statements That Aged Incredibly Poorly

We all know that hindsight is 20/20. That definitely applied to the year 2020 , and as we've learned over the past few years, the present, too. Today, however, we are talking about a special kind of hindsight and regret. We've all seen that tweet from Hillary Clinton where she says "Happy birthday to this future President." Well, let's just say that things didn't go as she planned. Cringe. That tweet kind of made history where being overly confident is concerned. Today, we've got an assortment…
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Social Media (January 5, 2023)

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Cringeworthy Cringe Designed to Be Cringed At

Everything is embarrassing
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A Cringeworthy List of Lots of Cringe

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'Never hire anyone that's looking for work life balance': CEO under fire for problematic LinkedIn 'wisdom'

I'm going to come out and say it: Loving what you do (for work) is a luxury. But even if you're a statistics enthusiast or a strategy geek, chances are you don't want to spend all your time working. That's where having a work/life balance comes in. The concept, to many, is pretty novel. It's long been fashionable to spend long hours working in the office or from home, putting in the extra time because your bosses, for some reason, expect you to be available around the clock. There's a reason th…
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15+ Embarrassing Times People Simped Way Too Hard For Something

Don't be like this
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Facebook (January 29, 2023)

God bless the internet
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A Curation of Cringe Compiled From Murky Corners of the Internet

It never ends
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Facepalm Moments From the Stupider Side of Humanity

I often wonder if social media is making people stupider or if it's just exposing the stupidity that was there all along. I'm inclined to believe the latter is true, but one thing is for sure—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren't raising any IQs. And this isn't to say that I'm better than anyone else. On the contrary—I've posted some very dumb takes in my lifetime. Some of the dumbest. That's why I feel entitled speak bluntly on the matter. Humans may be the most intelligent species on the pla
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15+ Insufferable Times People Had Incurable Main Character Syndrome

Me, me, me
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Funny moments of people being stupid and missing the joke

15+ Times Jokes Hilariously Flew Right Over Peoples' Heads

It's true: Not everyone can be a brain genius. But despite what Rick and Morty fans might tell you, IQs don't mean much if you don't do anything with them. Take me, for example. My mother made the mistake of telling me my IQ when I was younger (it's the same as Snoop Dogg's, do with that what you will). She had high hopes for me and placed me in gifted programs. Unfortunately, due to my rebellious nature, I ended up dashing her dreams and getting straight Bs throughout my education. Fast forwar…
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Funny, crazy, and self-deprecating Youtube Comments

YouTube Comments That Range From Silly to Straight-Up Insane

I don't know about you, but whenever I find myself falling into a YouTube hole, it's not just the videos that I am paying attention to. Whether the video is stupid, smart, or even some excruciatingly boring tutorial, I will go out of my way to check out all of the comments. The truth is, in many cases, that the YouTube comments are more entertaining than the videos themselves. While there are some sweetly appreciative shout-outs and usually some personal anecdotes from a boomer or two, there's…
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