choosing beggars, yikes, infuriating, choosy beggars, facebook, funny messages, cringe, entitled, asshole, greedy, social media, scammers, funny, memes | Can make male baby sitter pay child support single mom going college with my sister currently rent an apartment together couple weeks ago asked my neighbor trustworthy guy, if he could watch kids two hours while went class and my sister wasn't home, and he agreed. If he babysits and doesn't accept pay, can sue him child support because he took

21 Infuriating Posts & Messages From Greedy Grifters

The audacity is astounding
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Cringey posts that are supposed to be deep | drawing of a sad crying woman painting a self portrait of herself smiling on an instagram post. pennywise the clown, the joker and ronald mcdonald: killed hundreds without super powers killed hundreds killed millions and they pay

18 Cringe Posts That Are Meant To Be Super Deep

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tiktok, island boys, memes, funny, cringe, viral videos, tiktok comments, roast

Island Boys Bring TikTok to Real Life, Get Booed and Roasted

The identical Floridian twins known as the Island Boys became an internet sensation in October after freestyle rapping in a pool. The song (if you can call it that) went wildly viral and has catapulted the twins into their fifteen minutes of fame. TikTokers were positively charmed by lines such as 'I'm tryna be out with all the greatest, I'm a lil' Florida boy' and 'It get real damn tropic, I'm like damn I'm the topic, I'm an island boy, I put my vest on, yeah.' Frankie and Alex Venegas (who go
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liars, oops didnt mean to, cringe, yikes, embarrassing, memes, funny, reddit, text messages, quit your bullshit

20+ People Who Were 'Just Kidding' and 'Totally Didn't Mean To'

Oopsies! Didn't mean to send that.
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pick up artist, dating, men, women, misogyny, npc, gaming, dumb, cringe, funny twitter

Pick Up Artist Mocked For Cringey Video Game Style Meet Cute

Where's the cheat code
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Cringey Facebook memes

Cringey Memes Your Drunk Aunt Would Post on Facebook

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chris maggio, male chef, thanksgiving, turkey, cursed images, cursed, cringe, holidays, food porn, cursed food, funny pics | cleaning bottle spray filled with sauce and gravy IMPROVED TASTE Turkey Gravy Chunky Blue Cheese | fish stuffed inside a chicken with a cigarette stuck in its mouth

22 Cursed Thanksgiving Images

The antithesis of food porn
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cringe, cringeworthy, embarrassing, sad cringe, funny posts, cringey memes, embarrassing, funny cringe, facepalm, yikes, oh god why, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter | Not sure if this is funny or cringe, but here goes >Do my squats 210 KB PNG >Make an audible fart trio young girls behind are giggling >Try play cool Hey, at least got this entire area myself shout at them while smiling >They look at with confusion and one them goes Well now smells bad here so nobody will disturb Um are

Unfortunate Posts That Really Bring the Cringe

Some truly facepalm-worthy moments
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yikes, cringe, trashy, entitled, trashy people, funny pics, funny posts, facepalm, tacky, bad tattoos, florida man, funny, facebook, social media

15 Trashy Moments & People With No Shame

Big yikes
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Funny moments of cringe, music fails, lol, pop music, hip hop, tweets, rap

20+ Cringey Music Fails & Moments

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Shameful cringey moments of gatekeeping, tweets, twitter, yikes, rude, gaming, masculinity | THIS is FAMILY THIS is NOT FAMILY homophobic t shirts | Sitting front craft beer couple at Twins game and they keep going NOT BEER poor vendors selling Bud Light. Imagine being so uninteresting think this counts as personality

19 Cringetastic Moments Of Obnoxious Gatekeeping

Get off that high horse, y'all.
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facepalm, oof, cringe, yikes, funny tweets, twitter, memes, embarrassing, funny comments, facebook, reddit

20+ Facepalm Moments That Can't Be Taken Back

The world's biggest 'oof'
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thanks i hate it, cringe, cursed images, cursed, blursed, funny, memes, reddit, interesting, uncomfortable, lol, wtf, disturbing, gross

Mildly Cursed Things for People Who Like to Feel Slightly Uncomfortable

Thanks, I hate it.
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Cringey Facebook Story about entitled college student who wants Victoria's Secret clothing for free, plus delivery | wondering if could hold until after next Tuesday and could make payments love this college But said would pick up today Well wanted go out with my friends hope understand even let deliver. So I get privilege deliver after hold week and make payments 5 shirt No want whole bundle 5 dollars So let get this straight want 7 Victoria secret shirts and 3 hoodies 5. Have hold them and

Facebook Seller Encounters Entitled Cheapskate & Trolls Her Hard

The entitlement is off the charts.
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Funny, crazy, and cringey posts from advice sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and Reddit, overbearing parents, crazy parenting

Unhinged Cringe From The Pits Of Advice Forums

RIP Yahoo Answers
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linkedin, the state of linkedin, funny, funny tweets, twitter, memes, baby boomers, business, corporate, work, jobs, career, cringe, cringe posts, that happened

20+ Funny Gems & Cringe Anecdotes From the Depths of LinkedIn

The state of LinkedIn is grim
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