Dry Erase Marker, Lipstick, Sharpie, Bodily Fluids

drawing Line Graph pen pencil writing - 4704532224
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Chance You Will Return To That Dream You Were Just Having

au natural Bar Graph Blood dreams flying sexy shopping terror work - 2669583872
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cursing mario Mario Kart nintendo Pie Chart swears - 3999289856
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At Least It's Original

college english Pie Chart professor truancy story - 5778801664
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Oh, It's Coming

best of week zombie - 5675013376
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Classic: I Got It

chasing Pie Chart ping pong - 5260295936
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Here's a Llama, There's a...What The?

infographic language weird - 4664468992
Created by greatday4awalk

He Was Easy to Write For

pie charts friends graphs funny - 4476638976
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What Royal Wedding?

Pie Chart UK wedding - 4696940544
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Beer and Playing Pool

bar beer alcohol skill Line Graph pool - 6812410112
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Cultural Faux Pas

anime manga - 7721748992
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50 Awesome Facts About Languages

languages school infographic - 7869623552
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A Rainbow of Insecurity

colors Pie Chart rainbow - 5939160320
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We're Not so Different After All

high school nerds stereotypes venn diagram - 4648284928
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Marriage is a Compromise, But Punctuality Isn't

relationship time marriage venn diagram - 7862772224
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New Years Resolutions

exercise - 1538966784
Created by Cranitator