Taylor Swift Driving Down the Highway

brand double meaning literalism name semi taylor swift - 6548458240
Created by tonis

Feel Free to Chew On This Pun For a While

question answer tooth water molar solution double meaning literalism - 6687901440
Via Punblr

He's Just Callin' 'Em As He Sees 'Em

ass birds donkey double meaning literalism - 5013747200
Created by Formyyaoi

Uh Yeah Okay Sure

China double meaning homophone literalism - 6505838848
Created by xyzpdq1


capital caps lock double meaning letters literalism suffix - 4413375488
Created by opera_carmen_lady


cat copy copycat print printer - 4151190784
Created by Unknown

Acrobat Reader

puns funny - 7677440000
Via Niknaks Blog


puns step father step ladder - 3808822016

Sadly, I Have Cousins That Would Do This...

children convention Hall of Fame homophone mother names twins - 5778675968

West Side Toy Story

mashup toy story movies - 6805487872
Created by Acevedismos ( Via Frikimalismo )

Gives New Meaning to 'Going Commando'

catchphrase double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo - 6218439936
Created by pedretta

That Fish Cray

shrimp - 7325041152
Created by jamill2001
Funny dank memes about among us gaming | This is why hate video games appeals male fantasy Sophte im stuck vent step bro | GIRLS can't believe he didn't cry at Titanic Do men even have feelings? BOYS wojak comics Doomer girl Tradgirl Yes Chad

'Among Us' Memes In Celebration Of Everyone's New Favorite Game

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blockbuster combination contraction end film i am legend leg legend literalism Movie title - 4355048960
Created by Eightyeightdays

Just Pach'd Up and Left, He Did

art elephant - 7140500992

What a Trashy Response

answer garbage homophone question variations on a theme - 4924309760
Created by Unknown
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