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Sexually transmitted mythology

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Crime Smashing Investigation

Horatio Cane - Cartoon - Today's newspaper reports that the Hulk is dead ..he'll no longer... Looks like... Blargha ..be smashing. SO MUCH PUN.COM
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Topless Photo of the Dutchess of Cambridge

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Second Amendment FTW

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The Must-See Movie of the Summer

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The Kind That Makes Your Toenail Polish Curl

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God Hates Figs

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Sir Isaac Newt-on

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People describe the small things that enrage them to no end | ttcmzx 14h 2 Awards People blocking grocery aisles with zero spatial awareness Reply 3.0k

Small Things That Push People's Rage Through The Roof

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Picard is Sexier Than Christian, Anyway

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Ben Diagram

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We Can't ALL Be in the Goldilocks Zone

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Queen of Draw Something!

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Friendzone, Level Lightbulb

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The Police Make Sea Puns by the Sea Shore

funny halibut pun
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