tweets of dumb things people overheard at movie theaters | tweet about 127 hours movie @ Save CJ @oboe_cop Replying to @shutupmikeginn I went to see 127 hours at the cinema. Part way through a lady in the row behind me said l hope he's not going to be stuck behind that rock for the whole film

Twitter Users Reveal Ridiculous Statements Overheard At The Movie Theater

Some people...
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dam damn FRIDAY homophone literalism Movie - 4751271680
Created by Unknown

Sorin, Lord of Pickup Lines

magic the gathering innuendo tap double entendre double meaning - 7067081216
Created by Unknown

Everyone Gets Older

puns knights web comics - 7951935488
Via JCF Art

But Wouldn't This Be Easier?

book disney game hiding literalism search similar sounding waldo wall.e wheres waldo - 5120762880
Created by ArmadilloJr ( Via twitter.com )

How Does That One Go Again?

homophone homophones literalism lyrics misheard song - 4923264000
Created by pedretta

I'm Partial to the Canine One, Myself

after before cat dogs homophone name opposites shoop - 6613174272
Created by glennvolio

I Where This T-Shirt Unintentionally

T.Shirt - 7268119552
Created by Unknown
funny memes about work, boss memes, dank memes and anyone who has ever held down a job | gonna need rest day off BOSS: why hate being here random.ape | hit snooze 80 times and now got 3 minutes leave house Michael Jordan crying in bed

31 Work Memes For Everyone In The Struggle

We see you.
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The Internet is a Series of Trekkies

data double meaning literalism name Star Trek - 6570553600
Created by Hyper.Threaded

Christopher Robin (the Hundred-Acre Wood)

homophone literalism robin winnie the pooh - 6235410176


computer keyboard puns - 3774631424
Created by flpgdt

You Just Need to Bee Yourself, Snoopy!

bee cat costume double meaning snoopy - 6415031552
Created by presleylennon
A creepy Tumblr post about a house guest discovering a hidden staircase | stephrc79 So l'm staying at friend's house Boston And their guest room is door. There are STAIRS closet! Now where do those stairs go may ask?

Tumblr Post: House Guest Discovers Secret Staircase

Good old Boston architecture.
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funny puns and memes, pun memes, bad jokes.

40 Pun-Filled Memes That'll Make You Facepalm

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Funny photoshop trolls from james fridman

19 Epic Photoshop Trolls From The Legendary James Fridman

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