He's Such an Ass Hole

ass donkey double meaning hole literalism shrek - 6170530048
Created by Regrubezeehc

Someone Call Davy Jones!

cracking kraken literalism problem similar sounding solution - 6602511360
Created by Redustheriotact

Where is Team America When You Need Them?

double meaning homophones neologism similar sounding terror wrist - 4632945408
Created by Unknown
Funny food fails, funny tweets, twitter thread, restaurants, food orders, facepalm, cringe | lilyanna @lilyannatrnr my bf told me when he was 17 he worked in a posh hotel and at breakfast some bloke asked him "is this creme fraiche?" and he replied "yeah we don't serve out of date food" and I can't stop thinking about it | skinnylegend m8 wbu? Replying to @lilyannatrnr My mate worked in a wine bar for a bit an a customer asked her for "a Chilean red wine" an she went to mix the house red with

25 Food Order Fails Packed With Facepalm

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Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Random Memes, Shitposts, Stupid Memes, Meme Dump | Smoke detector shuts off yell I'm just cooking INVEST | first time gardner first beans sprouting garden Post Malone reaction

40 Entertaining Memes For The Experienced Procrastinator

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Hall of Fame letters literalism video game - 5285922304


cartoons literalism me gusta rage comic Rage Comics rhyme rhyming similar sounding - 4822610688

These Are Just Unbearable

puns funny animals - 7631783680
Via Daily Puns

You, Sir, Are Otterly Ridiculous

literalism otter similar sounding utter - 6598962688
Via Reddit

Classic Newb Hipster Mistake!

answer before burn coffee cool double meaning hipster literalism question tongue - 6613020416
Created by deathwish01b

You Know What They Say

power rangers puns - 7706757632
Created by momokoseiya
cheesy tinder

Dude on Tinder Deserves This Girl's Number For His A+ Cheesy Game

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... Not Particularly, No.

you song lolwut homophones wish jewish - 6878215936
dad jokes, corny jokes, puns

42 People Share Their Greatest Dad Jokes

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A Pun So Sweet, You'll Want to Lick the Wrapper

rap wrap literalism lil wayne homophone double meaning rapping - 6739971328
Via Keaton Stoos

Lawn Furniture

furniture lawn literalism double meaning - 6765945088
Created by xyzpdq1
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