SMP Classic: Pun Lennon

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Very Successful Advert #1: Buy/Sell

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Smells Like Diet Mountain Dew

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And in the Morning, I'm Making Waffles

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Decidedly Less Alluring

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Just Don't Ask to See His Knights of the Round Table

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Your Warm and Fuzzy Nightmare of the Day

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He's a Bit of a Samwise Guy Sometimes, Though

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Funny and clever tweets, comedy, good tweets, twitter memes | schmox @lvoryGazelle [inventing tupperware] make with material never lets them forget one time they made spaghetti

24 Zingers From The Wordsmiths Of Twitter

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acid base chemistry cat double meaning Hall of Fame meme - 5145809920
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puns and cards for valentine's day to let her know you are dad material

These 35 Intentionally Inappropriate Valentine's Day Cards Are So Terrible They're Actually Amazing

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my little pony movie

6 Plot Ideas For The Theatrical My Little Pony Movie

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chair german hitler - 3448488192
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i was winging it

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The Literal Magician

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