(White) House Music

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A Bright Idea

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A co-worker expects a free dinner after an operation from two weeks ago | Are getting dinner today? M isn't so 's just and Not today brought mine cos skint til Friday haha Fuck sake am supposed do then don't know, perhaps go get dinner by yourself?

Co-Worker Expects Free Dinner Two Weeks After Operation

Oh, come on now.
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I Feel Like I'm Being Watched...

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Will BLB Ever Catch a Break?

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What Do You Call a Girl Without a Clue That She's Not Understanding a Trick Question? This Girl

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Another Hanksy Masterpiece

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Eye See What You Did There

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Animal Crossing is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

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It's an Offense-Free Philosophy

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Love is Only True in Fairy Tales

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