A Candid Discussion on Racism

double meaning everything went better than expected hating race racism twist - 6578583040
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bass double meaning drop fishing Hall of Fame Music nomenclature rimshot skrillex - 5202538496
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The Only Time They Don't Destroy Everything

Music puns avengers - 7876705280
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Halloween is Always a Killer Time

lyrics song KISS literalism double meaning - 6726299136
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Wood You Please Stop?

trees birch - 7018821632
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The Trio is Also Known as Han-son

double meaning Hall of Fame Han Solo literalism star wars surname - 5817268224
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Foreboding Tales From The Past

puns funny - 7833964288
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double meaning literalism - 5065119232
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Tis the Season for Scaring Children

funny puns santa claustrophobia
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beer cold frozen Han Solo homophones lemonade solo star wars - 4577099520
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The Commercial Featuring Bill Murray Really Sells it!

bill murray butter catchphrase Ghostbusters goat quote similar sounding Theme Song - 5678392576
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A splash of dolphin memes for no particular porpoise

Here Are Some Dolphin Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure

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The Colors!

hue color manatee - 7416281088
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I'd Watch This Movie

juxtaposition literalism mashup - 4940712704
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alpaca apocalypse famous neologism parody quote rewrite - 4175424000
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Mango Flavored is My Favorite!

answer bert Hall of Fame literalism question Sesame Street similar sounding - 5561452544
Created by Kevin Friedemann
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