Was Your Unintelligibility Also Axedental?

accident axe Lame Pun Coon prefix - 6508897792
By Weirdgomita

Owls: Punned and Dangerous

puns owls funny - 7565625856
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Violation of Probation

double meaning literalism lolwut word - 6225184000
By Unknown

The Body, The Blood, The Bread Machine

religion status update variations on a theme conversation similar sounding facebook bread - 7014991104
By Aristocles

Oven Mitts

Mitt Romney literalism double meaning oven - 6847333376
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Brought to You By the Management of Obvious

sign work puns swimming pool - 8013316864
By Unknown

Up Poop Creek

heavy poop load - 7727983360
By menotyou83 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)


abbreviation bus cereal Hall of Fame homophone literalism misinterpretation serial USB - 4977488896
By Unknown

'Looper' Sequel Just Announced!

bruce willis cereal juxtaposition Movie shoop - 6635787520
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She Changed Her Name to Selina Kyle, and the Rest Was History!

dream literalism double meaning - 6842331392
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A Tramp Stamp of Massive Scale

book dragon girl literalism order tattoo title - 5121177856
By -Ghost-

ALL of the Paradoxes!

paradox doc pair doctor pear homophones docks - 6880964352
Via Reddit
Customer reports an issue on a restaurant's site, and then the site proceeds to fall apart | r/tifu u/rembeck2 14h Join 35 2 24 O 28 3 25 25 1 1 TIFU by trying help small restaurant's Thanksgiving Dinner takeout website, but wound up making things way worse L My girlfriend and both tested positive COVID, so going either our parents' homes Thanksgiving dinner is out question. Neither us did any grocery shopping, so were trying last-minute find restaurant area offers Thanksgiving delivery dinners

Customer Reports Ordering Issue On Restaurant's Site, Site Comes Undone

Their heart was in the right place.
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funny video Conan O'Brien reacts to burglary

Conan Reacts To Set Being Burglarized

They took the slate.
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fox jimi hendrix lady literalism song title - 5256626176
By maxystone


ass donkey double meaning literalism misinterpretation mistake - 5331923200
By Unknown
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