Only in America...

bag bags color double meaning literalism trash - 4659723776
Created by mugglemomof3

Is There Such a Thing as a Right Weasley?

cosplay double meaning Harry Potter homophone impostor literalism Ron Weasley wrong - 5031199744
Created by atticpat

You What?

sign heart - 7416285952
Created by Unknown

Good Dog!

dogs double meaning Hall of Fame literalism song trick - 6478541568
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Don't You Just Hate it When Teachers Single You Out Like This?

school poor results unfair teacher test double meaning - 7130146304
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chicken double meaning innuendo literalism ring - 4366927616
Created by Knicolai

This is Salsa Overwhelming

tacos nachos puns funny - 7586791168
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Innuendo-Filled Moments From Classic Cartoons

Mamma mia.
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Is This The Worst Video Game Joke of All Time?

puns Videogames luigi web comics - 7833304832
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Keep Cool Brutus

school history puns - 7864869632
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This Seems Like a Horrible Idea...

chair contradiction literalism prefix similar sounding - 4955486208
Created by Unknown

It's a Good Letter

Hall of Fame letter lolwut Pirate sound - 5130939648
Created by xyzpdq1

It's Like He Waited His Whole Life for This Moment

similar sounding - 7093796864
Created by Unknown

Just Looking at This Image Hurts Most Men

false expectations punch literalism nuts - 7066653184
Created by Unknown

Frog Parking Only

puns funny - 7541166848
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answer conversation gay Hall of Fame iphone one direction question walking - 6291620352
Created by Unknown
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