Time spent watching a movie

bathroom drink eating mouth movies phones Pie Chart plot Popcorn understand watching - 2366872320
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Chances Of Getting A Spontaneous Boner

boner life situational humor - 1442251008
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blanket cold Heat Pie Chart television temperature - 4122242560
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Netflix & Chill is so Real There's Data on It

dating infographic netflix and chill is real and here's the data to prove it
Via Forbes

Your Boyfriend Sounds Incredibly Dull

Bar Graph language swearing - 4746158592
Created by Raticait

The Perfect Message

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Coming to Theaters Everywhere: Summer 2050.

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I Put the 'Trivial' in "Trivial Pursuit"

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It's Just Not as Cool

anatomy horse - 6674536704
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A Policeman Turns His Lights on...

act illegal lights perform Pie Chart - 2259349760
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Availability of salespeople, by situation

availability Bar Graph break find help looking lunch narnia questions size stalking - 3090838016
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glue Pie Chart puns - 4180011008
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Hive of Scum and Villainy

infographic weird - 3893784832
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Mars Has Tall Mountans

mountains science Mars - 7984677120
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This Map Shows The Most Famous Book Set In Every State

literature school books Maps g rated School of FAIL - 7863446784
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