LOL, How Do I Venn Diagram?

best of week Mitt Romney obama politics venn diagrams - 6402232064
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Frequency of Letter Use

Bar Graph frequency - 6759989248
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Consequences of Discovering a Superhero's Secret Identity

comics movies superhero TV - 1606320896
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Aliens movies Pie Chart plot zombie - 4193466880

How Many People Dislike Microsoft?

reality microsoft apple - 7660910336

Gimme Facts, Gimme Figures...

best of week desire fire fuel metallica Pie Chart - 5653769472

cinema hollywood lies movies venn diagram war - 3844295936
Created by lioliu

A Visual Guide to the Common Glasses at a Bar

beer guide alcohol glasses wine - 7833566208

What Christmas so far has taught me

relatives christmas family holidays Pie Chart - 6833089280
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So Lets Say My Friend Was Out Doing Something Illegal Last Night

Pie Chart real true - 4596741888

Never Friend Your Family

wtf bad idea facebook family - 7170181376
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Price of Soda versus Location of Purchase

airport food movies pop price soda - 1442377984

katy perry Pie Chart - 3980485888

Puppy Love

puke dogs carpet - 7763695360
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My, What a Big Hammer You Have

How People View Me Thor - 4949597440
Created by gtama

Taco Salad, Problem Solved

Bar Graph food microwave temperature - 4516917504
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