What people say when I tell them I want to be a Medical Illustrator

art drawing jobs - 3704280064
By xADayWellWastedx

You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry

best of week mom mother parents Pie Chart scary trouble - 5517405952
By CheezandCrackers

Everyone Looks Down

Cheezburger Image 4499103488
By iversa3

I Summon the Dark Lord Pretty Regularly

computers old people parents venn diagram - 4829126144
By Unknown

Things to Worry About in Elementary School

elementary school anxiety college humor - 7415738368
By Unknown

Yet They Keep Coming

graphjam memebase meta pacman Pie Chart - 4356258304
By DampSponge

"Oh Man, I Totally Forgot the Controls"

excuses failure video games - 4633750784
By Unknown

Things memebase users remember about the debate.

Sesame Street Mitt Romney Pie Chart - 6638908416
By zakmatt2002

How Often a Mellophone Player Watches the Drum Major

marching band band Pie Chart - 7874076416
By Unknown

Let's Have a Gay Old Time For Gay Marriage

best of week gay marriage homosexuality Pie Chart politics - 5800791296
Via I Love Charts

Not Lovin' It

coke drinks ice infographic McDonald's - 4366283520
By Icanhasabigcheezeburgerorelse

Why Even Bother?

evolution infographic pants time - 4745209344
By dinglemunch

Classic: I Speak a Little English

english language countries classic - 5260430848
By Niels

I Don't Remember Eating That

Bar Graph computers crumbs keyboard - 5869744896
By Jonathan Martin

horses Pie Chart - 3747668480
By Unknown


best of week flow chart horror movie murder survival - 6198309120
Via College Humor
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