Polly Ticks

democrats politics Republicans - 6596052736
Created by Mike

jerks Pie Chart - 3994578432
Created by davesd816

Sorry I'm Late...

pie charts excuses graphs funny - 4476098048
Created by Unknown

Those emails are not going to be mark as read by themselves

emails charts funny work - 8015895296
Created by thewayne3

Probability of operating an alarm clock Rubix cube, doable with hours of concentration Qauntum physicists have yet to unravel the mysteries

Cheezburger Image 3670012160
Created by pishipower

Tilt the Glass

foam head Pie Chart soda - 4936872192
Created by gruben59

Zipper Positions and Their Meanings

cold infographic - 4246931200
Created by Unknown

Makes Good Sense

latin - 7151461376
Created by Doomfox

Wow! Look At You!

change hair Pie Chart - 5320953600
Created by mallybob

100 Boyfriend Requests

gaming girls Pie Chart xbox - 4262330880
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'Tis Always the Spending Season!

Bar Graph shopping sales money - 7895017728
Created by PJ_Awesomness

Classic: It's All Caffeine to Me

coffee drinks espresso - 4987019520
Created by Unknown

Why I Lose at Air Hockey

air hockey games lose Pie Chart - 6191910656
Created by Unknown

Catan Double Entendres

innuendo wood sheep - 7682182656
Created by GISTPodcast

Reasons I order spicy food

kids parents Pie Chart - 6515617280
Created by Unknown

fish glass Pie Chart tank - 4226569984
Created by drubio93
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