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Who Doesn't Like Kimchi?

vegans food web comics - 8212214784
By rawfishandbeer (Via Mandatory Roller Coaster)

Flavor Country

shut up and take my money girl scout cookies funny - 7486457344
By KiraAcoh

What If All Your Calls Were From 'Unknown'?

telephone phone - 8042416640
Via minimumble

He Does

Cheezburger Image 7881659648
By meganeguard (Via Selektive Erinnerung)

Meanwhile in The Star Wars Universe

Via Magic Coffee Hair

Claus & Effect

sad but true santa family web comics - 8408945408
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

Brb, Going to Mordor

best of week Lord of The Ring Lord of the Rings one does not simply walk the internets - 6307224320
By meganeguard (Via Commissioned Comic)

Or I'll Eat Your Children

now kiss pigeons rage face the internets - 5783534848
By Unknown

Would It Kill Ya, To Get Some Croissants?

dogs sad but true food web comics - 8409465856
Via Cocobd

Tax Season is Coming

signs puns web comics - 8036002816
By Unknown

Five Cats & the Fonts They Represent

Cats - 7119466240
By Fauxpaws

Classic Phil

TV - 7100139776
By AnOutgunnedMonk

Back, You!

bad luck creepy evil the internets - 6209666048
By Unknown

The Holiest of Trinities

From the Movies star wars - 6233806848
By Unknown

Whoa, Mama

babes best of week cartoon network cartoons chicks ladies - 6327999744
By Unknown

Gold Star For That One

christmas stars web comics - 7975100928
By Unknown