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Wait... Not You

web comics cats Wait... Not You
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It's Hard to Read Your Potential Partner's Feeling

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How to Play Counter Strike 1.6 de_dust2

video games - 5385223936
Created by noneEggs

Math Nerds And Genies

genies math web comics - 8090671872
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This is Where a Prenup Would Come in Handy

web comics marriage This is Where a Prenup Would Come in Handy
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coffee - 7099578112
Created by Boat


destiny horses funny - 7657409536
Created by conans


animals nom nom nom squirrel - 4561233920
See all captions Created by Dante665

Dare to Dream

web comics parenting politics Dare to Dream
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It's Raining Cats and... Yeah, Never Mind

dogs pets raining - 6575457536
Created by TuckerBentley

Fish Out of the Water

forever alone Good Guy Greg meme the internets - 5812199936
Created by mrmovie5


Bill Gates computers macs steve jobs the internets - 3539046400
See all captions Created by jedduff

Movie Night

The Walking Dead TV - 6676268544
Created by meganeguard ( Via Seemikedraw )

That’s A Snazzy Shazam You Have There

awesome superheros web comics - 8188432896
Created by omegachannel ( Via Gerbil With a Jetpack )

Shao Kahn Eat What He Wants

food funny Mortal Kombat web comics - 7922286592
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#Occupy Assassin

assassins creed best of week comic Pepper Spray Cop video games - 5490798080
Created by Trustnoone ( Via www.cad-comic.com )