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Apt Advice Regarding Life

sad but true space web comics - 8232870912
Via Spelling Mistakes Costs Lives

Hide Under The Table!

phones funny web comics AutocoWrecks g rated - 7885583616
By Steve (Via Minmumble)

I Bet Hallmark Doesn't Carry This One

cards web comics - 8183921408
By omegachannel (Via Gerbil With a Jetpack )

Totally Wants in on That!

anonymous kid pedobear - 4533219840
See all captions By POLARB

The History of Western Civilization in a Nutshell

Via Tom Gauld

Sarah McNo!

Ad Grumpy Cat - 6882998272
By nealio302


lol simon cowell singing TV - 3935340800
See all captions By Unknown

Your Words Can Hurt Those Who Listen

rocks puns sad but true web comics - 8174775296
Via The Awkward Yeti


alzheimers jk joke old people TV - 3962394880
See all captions By ericsigurdson

Bad Dogs Get All The Glory

dogs web comics - 8346551552
Via Pictures in Boxes

"I Did Not Have Relations with That Vole"

Via poorlydrawnlines

What Most People Who Talk About Science Online Look Like

science idiots web comics - 8241504512
Via Amazing Super Powers

Looking for a Date? Why Not Zoidberg!

dating futurama TV why not zoidberg - 5999582976
By Unknown

What Is Going on Through Your Cat's Head?

Via Drunken Cat Comics

Space is Arbitrary

space universe web comics - 8159825152
Via Tom Gauld

Time to Start Training

web comics memory pillow Time to Start Training
Via mrlovenstein