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Sound Logic, Brain

cake lifehacks web comics - 8428371712
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Forgot the Parachute

flying the internets - 5251484416
Created by cesarkopp

Anyone Have a Great Ball?

Pokémon puns funny - 7666747904
Created by Electroboy

What if James Hetfield And Garfield Switched Places?

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Belief Is a Powerful Thing

web comics jet fuel memes Belief Is a Powerful Thing
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Split Custody

marriage divorce dark web comics - 8802010112
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The Best Advice For Maintaining a Relationship

sad but true relationships web comics - 8256317440
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I'm Seeing Stars

parenting stars Cats web comics - 8255190528
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Pshh... Come Here

animal murder the internets - 5472493568

When You Have an Eternity You Can Get Around to Crime Solving Whenever

web comics ghosts crime When You Have an Eternity You Can Get Around to Crime Solving Whenever
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animals puns song the internets Xxzibit Xzibit - 4312673280
See all captions Created by Sharktattoo

Only a Real Mom Wouldn't Know That

best of week nintendo the internets video games xbox - 6150532864
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TV - 6550857728
Created by loltungsten

People Have Been Born For Worse Reasons

kids sexy times sad but true web comics - 8356059392
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Not All Steps Are Pointless..

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Selfie Sticks Are Getting Out of Control

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