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The Newest Superhero

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"I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror/I'm Asking Him to Change His Waaaays"

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I Durr Knurr!

confused FRIDAY meme the internets - 5554860288
By PrincessWordplay

That's Why

best of week cartoons futurama I see what you did there why not zoidberg - 5245341696
By Melbroporbdamulol

Comics Are Magical

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Rename ALL the Memes

Cheezburger Image 5178116352
By Unknown

Hit Me One More Time

bath Blood britney spears Dexter TV - 4970008320
By smuushedbanana

This Player is a Basket Case

puns sports soccer web comics - 8240444672
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People Today Be Like

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It's Not So Bad...

animals best of week cartoons cute futurama TV - 5132896512
By Sqeebs

Well, Mr Asman

fox news pedobear science trolling wtf - 4428148736
By Unknown

The Bat Suit

Movie the dark knight - 6730512384
By kadigan

Reality is Overrated

transformers kids pillows web comics - 8237946624
By Kittykat5279 (Via Doodle For Food)


Movie you dont say - 6580663296
By Unknown

Everyone Has Their Demons

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Latte Art

work coffee web comics - 8419298048
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