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Art Can Come to Life in The Creepiest Ways

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Door Buster Deals

sad but true black friday funny web comics - 7929233664
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Funny illustrations created by Chris (Simpsons artist)

Absurd Illustrations That Made Us Laugh, But In A Confused Way

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dating famous fast food brands webcomics with a nice twist to them

What It Would Be Like Dating Famous Fast Food Brands

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That Way Your Feelings Will Never Be Hurt

web comics anonymous comments That Way Your Feelings Will Never Be Hurt
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Le Lego

lego pun - 6591660288
Created by skateboarddog

Death is a Part of Life

Death plants skeletons web comics - 8333046784

A Truly Mystical Substance

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Japan olympics reaction guys wtf - 3238278656
Created by JeremyCB23

I Can Wait for the Futuristic Sequel

call of duty Game of Thrones ned stark TV - 6306545152
Created by MoneyShotIRL

Brain vs. Useful Information

brains gifs sad but true information funny - 7847889408
Created by lolnein ( Via Lolnein )


Captain Picard csi Horatio Star Trek TV yeah - 3525941504
See all captions Created by ritzg2

Wanna Play a Game?

actor celeb john travolta Movie pulp fiction Samuel L Jackson - 6593844224
Created by pjammiez

Metal Facts

metal Music wtf facts funny - 7550018048

Tell That to Israel

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When Your Metaphor Hits a Little Too Close to Home

web comics wheels metaphor When Your Metaphor Hits a Little Too Close to Home
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