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Teddy Bear Handle

but then i - 5039480320
Created by maxystone

I Said Ham and Cheese!

From the Movies kick ass nicholas cage sandwich - 5072748544
Via wetsecret.tumblr.com

Who Eats Pizza Like That?

web comics pizza fork Who Eats Pizza Like That?
Via talesofabsurdity

Like Killin Two Birds with One Stone, Right?

Via bigfootjustice

It's Too Late

Paranoid Parrot shadow lurker the internets - 5071885568
Created by JoshDoe

How to Tell Who Your Friends Are

friends sick truth web comics - 8242626304
Via Know Your Meme

The Only Meat I'll Eat is Actually Butter

butter paula deen steak TV - 5098328064
Created by EloiseRaeCullen

The Best of Both Worlds

evolution history sad but true science web comics - 8393496832
Created by Andy_Cu ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal )

Not Orks You Say?

best of week From the Movies hobbits Lord of the Rings you dont say - 5970270720
Created by DG777PS3

Meanwhile, on my schools laptop.

how about no school bear package laptop - 6752399360
Created by rickeyuio

Got 'Immm

Via TheSteelSword

Modern Day Romeo's Ruthless AF

Via karloththemalevolent

Getting Down To Business

literalism bathroom business web comics - 8759200768
Via Thebinarylanguage

Maybe on Thorsday

funny puns loki Thor - 7882174208
Created by Unknown


fired Inception leonardo dicaprio meme the internets work - 4867898624
Created by dcolling

Lie Down... Try Not to Cry... Cry a Lot

Harry Potter movies books Hogwarts - 6953387008
Created by rinoa42
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