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Doctor's Strike

Protest doctors web comics - 8202371328
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The Truth Behind Introverts

introverts web comics - 8148633600

This Joke Has Many Layers

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Ain't That The Truth

sad but true funny web comics - 7847867392
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Good Comeback

cute snow web comics - 7938334976
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A Young Zangief

bully - 4580945408
See all captions Created by Unknown

Should Have Let Him Take Drivers Ed

web comics dogs cars Should Have Let Him Take Drivers Ed
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Reality is Overrated

transformers kids pillows web comics - 8237946624
Created by Kittykat5279 ( Via Doodle For Food )

Grandma Tells It Like It Is

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Tell My Wife I Love...

the matrix love web comics - 8170437376
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Family Ties

actor celeb cookies legolas Lord of the Rings - 6413156864
Created by PrincessWordplay

To Be Fair, the 1997 Calculator Already Had Games Back Then

image progress graphing calculator To Be Fair, the 1997 Calculator Already Had Games Back Then
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Bonding Through Reading

kids hatred books - 7139782912
Created by kenbaker

Everything in Life is Temporary, Mom

moms tattoos web comics - 8742202624
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Inception friends funny web comics - 8804547072
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What True Friends Are There For

emo doctors web comics - 8240351744
Via Cheer Up Emo Kid
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