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The Dark World of Cow Rearing

sad but true cowboy cows web comics - 8461931776
Via Robbie And Bobby

Yep, She's Blonde.

Cheezburger Image 4541859840
Created by Boat

What, No Hovercraft?

monty python phone TV - 6543345408
Created by Croesius

Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Cranston

breaking bad xzhibit funny - 7710751744
Created by Unknown

I Hope They're Eating Enough

web comics god babies I Hope They're Eating Enough
Via molebashed

Enough of Your Lies!

tumblr x x everywhere lies - 7029936384

What Else Are Friends For?

Via Toonhole

Hammer Time

miley cyrus funny wrestling - 7796363520
Created by ThePedigree
Funny dank comic memes entitled, "Today We Fight Under Our New Banner" | MEN, TODAY FIGHT UNDER OUR NEW BANNER FUCKIN WIN Dogmo COMICS @Dogmo Do9 Keanu Reeves | I hope we lose

Fourteen Dank Comic Memes All About Self-Sabotage

Thanks for the comic, Dogmo!
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From Literal to Figurative

mr-bean anti joke chicken family guy - 7686762752
Created by mrmrr

The Worst Neighbourhood

Via paintraincomic

There Are 5 Different Types of Perspectives

optimism web comics - 8031843072
Via Pie Comic

Only a Real Mom Wouldn't Know That

best of week nintendo the internets video games xbox - 6150532864
Via Gato Gordito

Troll Train

train troll - 6621775104
Created by ManicShorty

True Love Waits

Via Lunar Baboon

Translation, Please?

language web comics - 8063168256
Via jim Benton
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