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Dammit, Not Again!

Cheezburger Image 4695810048
Created by wiceTroc1ty


Japan olympics reaction guys wtf - 3238278656
Created by JeremyCB23

I'm So Tired! I've Been Watching for 22 Hours!

america kids marathons TV - 5528977920
Created by mysockhurts

Laugh at This

dogs nintendo shooting video games - 6517092608
Created by Unknown


From the Movies guns kick ass nicholas cage - 4077929984
See all captions Created by Renovatius

Our Greatest Assets

people sad but true web comics - 8483693312
Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal )

Lohan in the Dungeon

Harry Potter lindsay lohan troll - 5006379264
Created by prettymuchawesome

Wishing Well

cartoons FAIL wish - 8768916480
Via Mike Salcedo

Personal Space Invaders

webcomic - Cartoon - wd nim
Via Chuckling Dog

It's Funny Cause Nerdy

bazinga best of week big bang theory Memes TV tv shows - 6257222656

The Master And Pet Dialectic

sick truth Cats web comics - 8289151488
Via Steve Patrick Adams

No City For Old Maids

Via McSweeneys

Way OVER 9000!

dragonball nokia super saiyan the internets - 5749494272
Created by JackArgetlam

Stand Back...

lol superhero - 4484219392
Created by TTTERocks

He's an Environmentalist

web comics flowers bees He's an Environmentalist
Via Jshfrck


From the Movies gone with the wind rhett butler scarlett ohara - 3778400256
See all captions Created by wenz78
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