Web Comics

So that Makes Him...What?

cool looks nevermind wtf - 4504872448
Created by Vad3K

It's Fun And You'll Meet People

drinks bars tinder dating web comics - 8391972608
Created by tonitmorro ( Via Drawn Jobs )

One Does Not Simply Stop Killing Chickenrats

Via purpleprinciple

Everyone Knows Women on the Internet Are a Myth

internet memebase self referential the internets - 6100539392
Created by lpupppy288

Play It Cool

Lord of the Rings funny web comics - 7892591360
Created by David ( Via Imogen Quest )

But, but, It's Just a Pun Bro!

Via theunderfold

Enter a New World By Reading a Book

Via Perry Bible Fellowship Comics


cillian murphy From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio titanic - 4159891968
Created by Darkside360

The Prince And The Pauper

puns Cats funny - 7584729600
Created by Nightowl79

Happens to Me Every Time I Drink

drinking TV rabbit the simpsons - 6760360448
Created by jtcaseley1

Here, I'll Hum Something Off-Key For You

guinea pigs Music web comics - 8081908480
Via Joe GP

That's How it Works...

dead FRIDAY ring - 4653855488
Created by Xanderos

God Creates My Little Pony. God Destroys My Little Pony...

come at me bro jurassic park my little pony TV - 4841170944
Created by CurlyFride ( Via www.furaffinity.net )

Technically Isn't It The Earth's?

coffee Mars earth web comics - 8422796032
Via Unearthed Comics

My Gaydar is Tingling

Cheezburger Image 4889101056
Created by Unknown

Swan Limbs

black swan dancing Music natalie portman - 4534690816
Created by Unknown