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This Apple is a Real Fan Boy

apple web comics puns This Apple is a Real Fan Boy
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why - 7001087488
Created by Unknown

Pay Me to Get Off

cheating the internets - 5912484608
Created by Unknown

That's The Cost of Doing Business

capitalism work sucks sad but true minimum wage web comics - 8542033408
Created by Phydeux

The Amazing Thing About Art

art sad but true web comics - 8398665216
Created by rawfishandbeer ( Via Mandatory Rollercoaster )

Better Get Your Facts Straight Buddy

god religion jk Morgan Freeman funny - 7522795520
Created by kenbaker

Poor Box

kill me now the internets - 6414203904
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At Least The Showers Are Nicer

prison parents web comics - 8280473344
Created by whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse ( Via Biter Comics )

The Pains of That Lava Lamp Humming Sound Though

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So All That Loud Music Will Help

history funny web comics - 7909878528
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Office Politics are Just as Complicated as the Real Thing

Office work web comics - 8600259584
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This Comic Was Written By Computer Code And Is Funnier And More Poignant Than Most

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africa celebutard flooding lol magic TV - 4208530176
See all captions Created by speciaImitch

When You Are Uneducated, Violence Shows Up Everywhere

video games web comics - 7951646208
Created by Diaspa ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal )

The Power of Hypnosis

fire web comics - 8208870912
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They Call It Comfort for a Reason

web comics - 8051369216
Created by yourfavoritelemon ( Via mrlovenstein )