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Friendship Can Get Painful

fruit kitchen web comics - 8203437568
Via Loading Artist

Can You Photoshop Us in The Same Picture?

romance photoshop kissing funny - 7667164160
Via Nik Nak 79

Worse than Bieber..?

cereal guy justin bieber Music Rebecca Black - 4563216384
By AzelNC

Best Movie of the Holiday Season

meme nope the internets twilight - 5481152256
By thezoologist2008

Glad We Are All Going to Die

Via Ax by Mag

Apple Gave Them the Idea

best of week Bill Gates ipad Memes Star Trek steve jobs tablets the internets - 6356761088
By Unknown

Don't Show This Comic to Any Member of The Government

Because they are lizard people, and don't understand humor or sharing.
Via Maximumble

Everything is Disgusting When You Get Down To It

Via Butt Hug

A Fateful Encounter

fashion Rage Comics web comics - 8362292736
Via Future Meme Machine

Forgot the Parachute

flying the internets - 5251484416
By cesarkopp


holidays idiots literal thanksgiving the internets - 4198460672
By Unknown

Well, That's Not Wrong

Babies wtf - 8596139520
Via Easier Said

Partying And Healthy Living

drinking Party smoking web comics - 8289152512
Via Jim Benton

The Dark Side of Bart's Pranks

sad but true the simpsons web comics - 8380859648
Via Bro Toad

Life After One Year as a Parent

kids parents parenting web comics - 7939843328
Via Incidental Comics

Goodbye Jane

computers puns donkeys web comics - 8528358656
By anselmbe (Via See Mike Draw)
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