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Hold on, Guys

gifs - 6977452288
Via Kim-Hui

American Meat Eaters in a Nutshell

rules pig Cats web comics meat - 8333750528
Via Dakota McFadzean

Is the Universe Cold and Full of Hearts, or Heartless Altogether?

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Probably Will Need to Wash The Sheets

Pokémon funny - 7584506112
Created by Webferret

Works Like Magic

web comics dating magic cards Works Like Magic
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I See Where She Got Them From

dads legs web comics - 8365517056
Via Toonhole

First Time Doing Yoga

mindwarp exercise yoga web comics - 8085049088
Created by Unknown

Guess Who's at the Door

duel Harry Potter voldemort - 5072760320
Via wetsecret.tumblr.com

Classic: Still Better Than Kristen Stewart

Movie - 6354605824
Created by SupahHotFire


FAIL job work struggles web comics - 8803560704
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Which Came First?

chicken eggs true funny web comics - 7690853120
Via The Gentleman's Armchair

Damn Charlie, You Creepy

creepy gross TV - 6434588416
Created by littledevil9

Anti Gravity Experiment

science web comics - 7979215872
Via Caps Off Please

And That's How You Fix The Economy

in this economy comics cars sad but true sleeping funny web comics - 7688619520
Via Helou Helou

And That's How We'll Get to The Center of The World

debt funny sad but true student loans web comics - 7903840768
Via Befuddled Stranger

A Problem With Modern Communication

Cats hate web comics - 8237811712
Via Oyasuming
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