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Image of a Lobsterwoman Lobbing One off Her Boat Gets the Meme Treatment

An epic image by photographer @jrinaldi5 has gone viral for all the right reasons. The crustacean-tossing lobsterwoman pictured is 101-year-old Virginia Oliver, and according to the Boston Globe , she's been trapping lobsters since she's was 8 years old (that's before the Great Depression!) No wonder she looks so blasé as she expertly pitches the undersized creature back to the sea—it's muscle memory at this point. Obsessed with this picture from the Boston Globe of a lobsterwoman yeeting one t…
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Funny twitter mashup of Lord of the Rings and headlines from the onion - satirical newspaper | Lauren @laurbarbq onion headlines but make them lord rings thread Work Friend Accidentally Becomes Real Friend Legolas and Gimli

Lord Of The Rings & The Onion Meet In Genius Twitter Thread

We didn't know we needed this.
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coffee orders customer service Twitter Thread barista Starbucks cursed images cursed starbucks orders twitter memes funny tweets trending tweets karen dunkin donuts - 14214405

Cursed Frappuccino Order Inspires Baristas Of Twitter To Share Their Worst

We hope Edward left a fat tip
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Funny Twitter thread about rage against the machine accidentally announcing that they are playing a show at a book shop in london | tweet LRB LRB Bookshop @LRBbookshop BOOKSHOP so rage against machine just announced their european tour dates and were shocked discover apparently they are playing at bookshop on august 14th. first heard having an emergency staff meeting now about can make this work Aug. 2 Raleign, N.C PNC Arena Aug. 4 Washington, D.C Capital One Arena Aug. 7 Camden, N.J

Rage Against The Machine Mistakenly Lists Book Shop As Tour Venue, Twitter Hilarity Ensues

This book shop's got jokes.
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Twitter thread from @lifesafeast featuring stories from the ancesty and history, genealogy of other twitter users

Twitter Users Share Funny & Fascinating Tales From Their Ancestry

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Man finds giant texas redheaded centipede in daughter's room, twitter thread, scary, funny

Dude Finds Giant Centipede In Daughter's Room & Horrifies People With the Footage

Oh hell no
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Workers Fantasize About Funemployment in Relatable Thread

Jobs are overrated
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People Are Taking a Kid's Lemonade Hustle Way Too Seriously

Typical Twitter
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Someone Claimed It's 'Tacky' to Eat Free Restaurant Bread and the Internet Is Not on Her Side

The results are in: eating free bread is fine
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Journalist Gets Roasted After Claiming Horror Movies Can't Be Set In Space

Guess she hasn't seen 'Event Horizon'
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Interesting Twitter thread of stories that sound fake but are actually true | tweet by MorganPielli Replying adribbleofink went Meetup people w/ social anxiety see Black Swan got there realized had no idea who there Meetup. Too shy ask around watched movie alone checked Meetup night turned out everyone else did same thing

Completely True Stories That Sound Fabricated

Let's hear 'em, people.
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Funny thread about reassigning fantasy accents races dungeons and dragons elves halflings | tweet by Dylan @djMalenfant Hello, everyone reassigning fantasy accents. Please adjust accordingly. Dwarves are Boston now. Please leave poor Scots be. They really don't deserve this

Tumblr Thread Reimagines Stereotypical Fantasy Accents

Your DnD campaigns will never be the same.
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Wholesome twitter thread of trans people sharing stories of acceptance and support from people in their lives, happy tweets | Mel Stone @melstonemusic person who handled my transition best my indian takeout guy went pick up my order makeup first time he went hey, good see look great guessing name isn't <deadname> anymore | el sr tiene un novio muy bonito @czthemeans Replying melstonemusic my first visit my grandparents post- coming out my grandma just said so youre grandson ive been hearing so

Wholesome Twitter Thread About The Right Way To Address A Transition

So wholesome.
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Funny tweets about the most dad things people have done in the year 2019 | Ryan Nanni @celebrityhottub As do every Father's Day is time us share most Dad thing did this year Being father is not requirement participate will go first developed extensive opinions about dried fruit options. | Ray Schmitt @r_aymo Replying celebrityhottub Told my wife all water toys don't need be our front yard every day let kids neighborhood kill someone else's grass could barely believe said 1:26 PM 6/16/19 Twitter

45 Paternal Souls Share The Most 'Dad' Things They've Done This Year

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African movie posters that are hand painted due to licensing issues, space jam, mrs doubtfire, jurassic park, michael jackson | tweet by Retr0Joe thread African Movie Posters Due licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave task artists paint posters movies being shown Some artists had no reference movie they drawing so some just guessed Here are my favourites.. SPACE JAM MICHAEL JORDAN BUGS BUNNY badly drawn characters movie poster

Twitter Thread Reveals Bizarre Genius Of Painted African Movie Posters

Get ready for some epic masterpieces.
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funny twitter thread about train conductor that outsmarts fare-evading passenger on their way to edinburgh | Later train guard is walking through, checking tickets, and gently wakes guy Can see ticket, please Oh need buy ticket Where going, pal guy glances at his phone Edinburgh Where did get on

Train Conductor Uses Detective Work to Bust Fare-Evading Passenger

This is some serious sleuthing.
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