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'Go live in a country that pays service workers a livable wage': Europeans and Americans Debate The Validity of American Tipping Culture

Tipping culture in America is pretty straightforward. If you're eating at a sit-down restaurant, it's expected that you tip your waiter 20% of the cost of your meal in total. This system is in place because paying servers far less than the minimum wage is legal and common, with restaurant owners assuming most of their income will be supplied by tips. Tipped employees in some U.S. states can make as little as $2.13 per hour , which is why it's so important to tip them 20%. Many Europeans visitin…
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People Share Their Favorite Tweets In Celebration of Twitter's 17th Anniversary

Twitter is officially one year away from being a legal adult. I have been on the bird app (or, in the pre-iPhone days, the bird website ) for over half of its existence, so you'd think I would have a strong opinion about Twitter being around for 17 years. At this point, I'm just glad that Twitter is still managing to function. Elon Musk's purchase of the company appears to be the beginning of the end. The website is not getting any better, and Musk's plans to drive new users to the site seem to…
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Hunger Games Fans Share Their Unpopular Opinions About The Series

It's your chance Katniss and Gale shippers!
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Ticketmaster Gouges Cheap Tickets With Unethical Fees, Turns $80 Tickets Into $172 Tickets

They can't keep getting away with this!
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Tweets from people roasting entitled Airbnb host who didnt want to work

People Roast Entitled Airbnb Host Who Didn't Want to Do His Job

It's no secret that many people have grown weary of Airbnb. The fees, the growing lists of rules, and work-intensive clean-ups (while still paying a cleaning fee) make hotels look a lot more attractive than when the site first came on the scene. Hotels are often less expensive, to boot. Why should travelers have to do double or triple the work, and have a hard time getting help, when they could be waited on at a Marriott or even a Days Inn? As customers rethink their options, it appears that so…
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Former Students Share the Wildest Stories They Have From Grad School

A strange place
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Subway Rider Puzzles Twitter by Freaking Out at Lady Working on Laptop

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'Your dog and cat do not love you': Bad Twitter Take Sparks Ire and Outrage in Pet Owners

Recently, a Twitter user ( @PhadkeTai) has sparked outrage and anger among pet owners and animal obsessives by suggesting that our beloved pets are incapable of loving their owners. The tweet, which quickly went viral - generated quite a heated debate and a lot of criticism from those of us who believe (or know!) that animals are indeed capable of love and emotional connection with their human companions. @PhadkeTai's remarks were perceived as insensitive and dismissive of the deep bonds that m…
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An article about an Airbnb Host who threatened to stalk a tenant for giving a 4/5 rating on his listing.

Unhinged Airbnb Host Threatens Tenant for Leaving 4/5 Star Rating

Being an Airbnb hater is a big part of who I am and what I do. I distinctly recall being on a family vacation, waiting outside in freezing weather for over an hour for the owner of the apartment to give my family the key. The owner drove a moped and I could tell that he did not feel sorry, not one bit. The best Airbnb experience I had was at a place virtually identical to a hotel, and honestly, that doesn't even count. Despite my bitterness, Airbnb's used to be novel and fun as a concept for mo…
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20 Hilarious Deleted Tweets That Will Live On Forever

Be careful what you tweet!
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Funny Times English Movie Titles Were Edited to Appeal to French Audiences

Ever see a movie title and think, “Man, they could do better”? Yeah, me too. While Cocaine Bear may not fall into this category, there are plenty of titles
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Valuable Thread Explains the Necessity of Digital Decluttering

Delete, delete, delete
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Elon Musk Accuses Former Twitter Employee of Faking Disability

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People Debate Who Would Win an Imaginary War Between the East and West of the United States

Pitting the East of the United States against the West is nothing new. We usually hear it in the context of which coast has the better rap, but as is the case with most rivalries, almost anything is fair game. East Coast pizza vs. West Coast pizza is a no-brainer (Sorry, CPK). Any Californian would say that their coast boasts the best tacos and burritos. But what if the two sides of this massive country had to fight each other in a war? This is the sort of hypothetical situation that always get…
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Crazy Puritan Claims Parents Shouldn't Have Intercourse In The Same House As Their Kids Because It's Traumatizing

Puriteens are at it again
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CEO uses ChatGPT to get delinquent payments from a multi-billion dollar client

CEO Uses ChatGPT AI to Intimidate Multi-Billion Dollar Clients Into Paying Overdue Bills

ChatGPT has been popping up in almost every corner of the Internet - and even at the parties that my friends throw. ChatGPT (which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. The tool can be used to create AI art, to write papers, and even to create the hard-hitting content that Buzzfeed is known for. We're definitely not even scratching the somewhat scary possibilities of the service, but it seems like every week we learn of a new use. This week, G…
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