Conspiracy theorists tweet in response to Sir Ian McKellen's recommendation of the covid-19 vaccine | Ian McKellen @IanMcKellen I feel very lucky to have had the vaccine. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Sir Ian McKellen praises NHS after first dose of Pfizer vaccine mirjam kotter @m_kotter Replying to  @IanMcKellen where is the live video with a closeup of the actual vaccination? And what is in the syringe?? Could be just a vitamine shot | Alison Onedaland @AOnedaland

Twitter Conspiracy Theorists Attack Ian McKellen's Vaccine Endorsement

Oh no they didn't
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funny tweets about video game cyberpunk 2077 character creation | Victoria I Social Media + Design @th3flowergarden Spent almost 30mins customizing my character... Worth it! #Cyberpunk2077 | Gav e @miracleofsound My favorite thing about Cyberpunk 2077 so far is that I was able to make my character look like something that fell off the back of The Ramones' tour bus #Cyberpunk2077

Gamers Show Off Their New Cyberpunk 2077 Characters On Twitter

The customization possibilities are wild
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Funny tweets, twitter memes, guy fieri, ratatouille, lol, relatable tweets, comedy, humor, jeff bezos, harry potter | zach silberberg hire zachsilberberg guy fieri's spiky hair might seem weird at first, until realize is his natural defense against getting ratatouilled kitchen

27 Tweets Filled With Quick Comedy

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Funny tweets, twitter, random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, relatable memes | stormodin next trying put my change and receipt my pocket person line Kilgrave staring at Jessica Jones | resisting urge say sorry after someone says "stop saying sorry" Homer Simpson

Quality Memes To Flex Your Scrolling Muscles

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Funny and clever tweets from Twitter, election tweets, donald trump, joe biden, election fraud | Lil Jokerella K @LJokerella my boyfriend list my exes: STOP COUNT

34 Tweets Filled With Clever Humor

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Let's Do This

Funny tweet about just getting it through another month, and then we'll have to get through another month
Via @oldfriend99
Funny memes about Oregon decriminalizing the possession of all drugs, dank memes, spicy memes, funny tweets, election, joe biden, donald trump, hunter biden, drug laws, drug recovery | abasedpoliticalmemes Nobody: Oregon: Squidward in front of a colorful trippy background and mushrooms | Hunter Biden driving to Oregon Chad driver muscular veiny hand gripping a steering wheel

Oregon's Decriminalization Of Drugs Brings The Spicy Memes

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Funny random tweets, twitter memes, clever tweets, creative | Angie B @Angibangie Tilda Swinton is last person on Earth, having solely survived apocalypse tumbleweed rolls by. She picks up and eats Delicious she says, as she gets down on all fours then gallops into night.

28 Tweets Filled With Short & Sweet Humor

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Funny tweets with the hashtag #fakescarymoviefacts horror movies, twitter meme, twitter game, hashtag game | The Exorcist Jeff Dwoskin Says Wear A Mask @bigmacher She wasn't possessed, it was mild flu | Jaws The shark in Jaws was, in fact, a female dolphin with anger management issues named Karen

Twitter Is Getting Into The Spooky Spirit With 'Fake Scary Movie Facts'

Got 'em.
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Funny tweets about X-men and superpowers, professor x, weird twitter, twitter meme | Beans After Dark @goodbeanalt Professor X: what's your super power? Me: impersonation Professor X: oh really? Professor X: yes Spooky Skoog @Skoog Professor X: what's your power? Me: super strength Professor X: that's great Me: but only when i'm really horny Professor X: oh? Me: [stares him directly in the eye while i lift an entire bookcase] Professor X: oh..

Clever Tweets About Professor X & Questionable Superpowers

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funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, self-deprecating memes, funny tweets, twitter memes | slight change intimacy or being hated and abandoned affection by them Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. my mental illness They're same picture The Office Pam | mentally preparing myself read comment section local news aborteddreams aborteddreams aborteddreams Ben Affleck

A Smorgasbord Of Memes For Primo Procrastination

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Funny twitter meme: a relationship should be 50/50, dating, relatable | Jodi Arias OnlyFans @saintknives a relationship should be 50/50. your partner rejects all of your tv show suggestions, you reject all of their tv show suggestions.

'A Relationship Should Be 50/50' Tweets Poke Fun At Dating Dynamics

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Funny tweet about actually getting enough sleep and waking up well-rested | maggie mull @infinitesimull Can you even imagine getting in bed and then easily falling asleep and then waking up feeling rested and then having a good day and then doing it again
Via @mulltoons


funny tweet about girls on social media craziest woman birthday sarah
Via @femaleredhead
funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, tumblr posts | Urbanhymnal @urbanhymnal Who knew most taxing part being an adult is trying figure out fuck have dinner every goddamn night until die 5:47 PM 2019-08-14 Twitter iPhone feel this my SOUL. gingersnapwolves Every fucking week s time go grocery shopping my wife and are like should cook this week" and immediately forget every food have ever enjoyed. | Two male characters who hate each other make eye contact entire fanbase diagnose with gay

Forty Memes And Tweets Because Why Not

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King Shit

funny tweet about steve carrell at an auction | LMAO my parents were at a charity auction last night and one of the items was dinner for 10 with Steve Carrell. Steve Carrell showed up undercover and outbid everyone with $31,000. Now some charity gets 31K and Steve Carrell doesn't have to hang out with strangers. win win.
Via @donniedoesworld