Funny tweets about X-men and superpowers, professor x, weird twitter, twitter meme | Beans After Dark @goodbeanalt Professor X: what's your super power? Me: impersonation Professor X: oh really? Professor X: yes Spooky Skoog @Skoog Professor X: what's your power? Me: super strength Professor X: that's great Me: but only when i'm really horny Professor X: oh? Me: [stares him directly in the eye while i lift an entire bookcase] Professor X: oh..

Clever Tweets About Professor X & Questionable Superpowers

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funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, self-deprecating memes, funny tweets, twitter memes | slight change intimacy or being hated and abandoned affection by them Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. my mental illness They're same picture The Office Pam | mentally preparing myself read comment section local news aborteddreams aborteddreams aborteddreams Ben Affleck

A Smorgasbord Of Memes For Primo Procrastination

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Funny twitter meme: a relationship should be 50/50, dating, relatable | Jodi Arias OnlyFans @saintknives a relationship should be 50/50. your partner rejects all of your tv show suggestions, you reject all of their tv show suggestions.

'A Relationship Should Be 50/50' Tweets Poke Fun At Dating Dynamics

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Funny tweet about actually getting enough sleep and waking up well-rested | maggie mull @infinitesimull Can you even imagine getting in bed and then easily falling asleep and then waking up feeling rested and then having a good day and then doing it again
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funny tweet about girls on social media craziest woman birthday sarah
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funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, tumblr posts | Urbanhymnal @urbanhymnal Who knew most taxing part being an adult is trying figure out fuck have dinner every goddamn night until die 5:47 PM 2019-08-14 Twitter iPhone feel this my SOUL. gingersnapwolves Every fucking week s time go grocery shopping my wife and are like should cook this week" and immediately forget every food have ever enjoyed. | Two male characters who hate each other make eye contact entire fanbase diagnose with gay

Forty Memes And Tweets Because Why Not

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King Shit

funny tweet about steve carrell at an auction | LMAO my parents were at a charity auction last night and one of the items was dinner for 10 with Steve Carrell. Steve Carrell showed up undercover and outbid everyone with $31,000. Now some charity gets 31K and Steve Carrell doesn't have to hang out with strangers. win win.
Via @donniedoesworld
Adele criticized for use of Bantu braids during carnival celebration in notting hill london, funny tweets, twitter memes, jamaica | @301mair Adele said she Rolling Pon De Deep | ueger @_hassan416 Adele went hello" toO "wagwan" AWARDS RDS

Adele's Carnival Look Garners Harsh Criticism And Roasty Memes

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funny work memes and tweets | Seeing work memes like Ah. Humor based on my pain. Ross Friends | have an excellent work environment work environment: medieval tapestry of a battle

Work Memes And Tweets To Prepare You For Monday

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funny random and relatable tweets | Katie Didn't @Pork_Chop_Hair need see supervisor Hat Shop Employee: Excellent choice, Ma'am

Mega-Dump Of Fresh Tweets For Bored Scrolling

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funny mentally i'm here tweets, twitter memes, 2020 memes, mental health tweets

'Mentally I'm Here' Memes Showcase The Brutality And Escapism Of 2020

It's been a year.
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funny random memes, dank memes funny tweets, tumblr | Video game final boss took everything ecomic_facts_marvel_dc who skipped all cut scenes don't even know who are Scarlet Witch Thanos | buying vegetables l'm not gonna eat impress strangers produce aisle never gonna see again

Thirty-Three Memes For A Happy Distraction

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funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, jokes, comedy, self-deprecating, married life, marriage tweets | SMadimoiselle @drivingmemadi my boyfriend and go Taco Bell do want ask him baja blast? no. he gets down on one knee want something will baja last. will marry they ring taco bell live happily ever after mas. | Pessimus Prime @BigJDubz Picasso dn but joke got about 's messed Translate Tweet 8:05 AM 2020-08-14 Twitter Android 197 Retweets and comments 737 Likes

Excellent Tweets For Quality Procrastination

Entertainment in 280 characters or less.
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funny random memes, relatable memes, post malone, anxiety memes, covid memes, n95 masks, funny tweets, twitter memes | trying fall asleep. Anxiety KNOW RULES AND SO DO Rick Astley Rickroll | burp breakfast into N-95 giving yourself mini lunch break @codebluememes Swedish chef

Amusing Meme Treats To Keep Boredom At Bay

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funny random memes and tweets | No one: People wearing glasses with mask: TH E M IS T STORY BY STEPHEN KING | jon drake @DrakeGatsby think about mafia out context seems pretty childish s secret Seriously DON'T TELL ANYBODY or be big trouble No girls allowed Usually cool clubhouse is involved Spaghetti dinner everyday 7:19 AM 7/30/20 Twitter iPhone

Thirty-Nine Memes & Tweets For Your Entertainment Pleasure

You deserve 'em.
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Funny random memes, dank memes, funny tweets, twitter memes | quick brown fox jumps over lazy dog Sphinx black quartz, judge my vow Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs Boxers had zap gay jock love, quit women expanding galaxy brain | My plans 2020 American Pie

Thirty-Four Memes To Distract You From The Horrors Of Reality

You're welcome.
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