Funny tweets, mitch hedberg, suez canal jam

Fresh & Funny Tweets That Just Hit Right

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Funny tweets and twitter reactions to the ever given (evergreen) being freed from the Suez Canal, shipping containers, lol, memes, put it back

Ship In Suez Canal Has Been Freed & The Memes Are Still Going Strong

We'll miss her.
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Funny tweets about direct deposit stimulus, $1400, politics, united states, oprah, money

Direct Deposit Memes Reveal Twitter's Hilarious Stimulus Plans

What will you do with your direct deposit?
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Funny random relatable memes and tweets, depressing memes, nerdy memes, twitter

Assorted Memes & Tweets For Anyone Who Needs Them

Get your scroll on.
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Funny memes and Tweets from Black Twitter making Vision into Vishawn, lol, humor, comedy, twitter memes, grills, chains, urban

Thirsty Twitter Users Give Vision A 'Vishawn' Makeover

Twitter's down bad.
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Fresh and funny tweets, relatable content, lol, memes, humor, twitter memes, dank memes

35 Fresh Tweets For Short Attention Spans

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Funny random memes and tweets, twitter memes, dank memes, stupid memes, relatable memes and relatable tweets, animal memes, kathryn hahn, wandavision

36 Funny Memes & Tweets For A Good Scroll Sesh

Aw yeah baby, it's meme time.
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trending tweets, twitter, tweets, roast, dragged, diane sawyer, britney spears, framing britney spears, misogyny, sexism, celebrities | i think it's time to have a conversation about Diane Sawyer being one of the media's greatest tools of misogyny in the aughts. Her interviews w #BritneySpears #WhitneyHouston are truly some of the most vile from an era particularly vile to women in the limelight. | Watching Framing Britney Spears and I just want to say I wonder how Diane Sawyer sleeps at night

Diane Sawyer Dragged For Sexist Remarks In Resurfaced 2003 Britney Spears Interview

We all owe Britney an apology
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Funny memes and tweets about being from the midwest | Normal People think burgers are best meal No0o, pizza is way better Wisconsinites Cheese YES | Taylor Ballek @tballek_ Midwest folk be like No yeah Yes %3D Yeah no No Yeah no sure Definitely

20 Relatable Memes & Tweets For Midwesterners

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Funny Twitter memes, Me after investing, GameStop AMC Dogecoin, lol, stock market, reddit, r/wallstreetbets | melon baby @TaylorGearhart Me after making 5 dollars from investing in amc This is how I win | Nelson @_Baby_Drake_ Me after a long hard day of investing $22.50. .#investor #wallstreet fast food cook

'Me After Investing' Memes Boom As Twitter Plays The Stock Market

Hold the line!
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Fresh and Funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, relatable, bernie sanders mittens, inauguration, joe biden | Troy Johnson O @_troyjohnson Just couple more weeks until mom sends text asking if l've seen these funny photos Bernie Sanders.

Fresh & Funny Musings From The Wordsmiths Of Twitter

They make it look easy.
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Funny Memes, Funny Tweets, Scottish Twitter, Scottish Humor, Twitter | marijuana is legalised Scotland cannabis leaves baked in dough | Lewis X @lewisa95 Imagine buying rug looks like pastry Greggs Love my new rug

36 Absolute Belters From Scottish Twitter

D'ye speak Scots?
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Funny tweets, self-deprecating tweets, twitter memes, quarantine | Pinky's Brains @mack44_d human brain is an amazing machine functions 24/7 moment born until moment buy smart phone | Randall Otis @RandallOtisTV started s going gonna write novel during have forgotten quarantine read

30 Funny Tweets Filled With Humor And Truth

Short and sweet.
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Funny tweets from shitty film details, marvel memes | order secure G rating MPAA Monsters Inc animators forced obscure both Sully's penises with shaggy blue hair | Shitty Film Details ShitFilmDetails While state Georgia did provide "Avengers" filmmakers with some lucrative tax incentives state's proliferation Waffle House Restaurants would present unforeseen challenges. fat Thor eating

17 Humorous & Unnecessary Film Details

They're not wrong
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Twitter debates fitness of Kumail Nanjiani, marvel movies, eternals, fitness, physique, accused of using steroids, quarantine, instagram, tweets, chris pratt, racism | Paul Hundred, GED This is going to be a transformative role for you, Kumail ok but no steroids. I want this to be all me We're gonna suck all the fat out of your face, render it into bars of soap, and implant them back into your face to max out your jawline. It'll be all natural. All you | Chris Pratt can bulk up for a marvel

Kumail Nanjiani's Swoleness Inspires Twitter Memes & Debates

He's been diesel since 2019, y'all.
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Funny twitter meme, why are you dressed like that, lol, tweets | photo of a normative family dinner table | creepy grey girl with hair in her face and Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Family Dinner Gets Meme'd With 'Why Are You Dressed Like That?' Tweets

Been there.
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