Logan Paul signs with WWE, Wrestling

Logan Paul Signs With WWE, Continues His Redemption Arc

Remember when Logan Paul was one of the most hated men on the internet? Well, while we're sure he's still generously hated, we're learning that the YouTuber has managed to rack up quite a few fans, especially in the wrestling community. And it seems like they're very pleased to learn that he just signed with WWE. The multi-event deal will extend into 2023, and will likely bring in a whole lot of sweet pay-per-view bucks.
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People react to new cheez it tostada and crunchwrap supreme from taco bell

Stoners Rejoice: Taco Bell Debuts Tasty Experiments With Giant Cheez-Its

Cheez-Its are my kryptonite. I can make those slightly greasy, salty squares of cheesy goodness disappear in mere minutes. And when I say “those” I mean a whole damn box. Usually when this mindless yet voracious eating occurs, I am under the influence of plant medicine that was recently legalized in New York. And I usually come to regret it. When I'm not regretting ingesting a box's worth of these crackers, I am usually regretting ordering a crap ton of Taco Bell. Like, $20 worth of Taco Bell.…
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Funny reactions to new photos of Ryan Gosling as Ken and Margot Robbie as Barbie in Greta Gerwig Barbie movie.

Fresh Photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in 'Barbie' Inspire Excitement & Memes

The PR pros tasked with promoting Barbie have been hard at work, and it seems like that work is paying off. New photos from the set of Greta Gerwig's upcoming film were released this morning, and they are, how you say, colorful. People may have been fawning over the first photos of Ryan Gosling as Barbie's beau, Ken, but this matching neon getup has blown them out of the water. Or, at the very least, rollerbladed over their dead body while giggling in the sunshine.
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Wholesome Twitter thread where children share business ideas, six year olds

Dude Asks 6 Year Olds to Pitch Business Ideas, Hilarity Ensues

Remember that dude who asked a group of six year olds to pitch some film ideas? If not, here's a memory refresh. We're here to share that he's done it again: successfully exploited the marvelous minds of children for a viral moment on Twitter. And honestly? We're not mad about it. This time, @GeorgePointon_ has asked kids to share some business ideas.
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Flight attendant gives people advice for flying this summer.

Flight Attendant Shares Clutch Tips For People Flying This Summer

If it seems to you like everyone is experiencing flight cancellations this summer, you're not alone. My in-laws, cousins, and some friends all had flights cancelled on them within the last week, and though my flight wasn't cancelled, flying to San Francisco was a total nightmare. Due to staffing cuts at both airlines and airports, and more Americans feeling comfortable traveling during the pandemic, airports are a shitshow. And they're not getting any better. We need to travel smart. And that's…
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work, work memes, humor,  working from home, tweets about working

People Discuss Reasons They Don't Want to Go Back to the Office

Working from home rules for many reasons. Many of us (and our employers) adopted the practice out of necessity during the pandemic - it's a good way to keep operations going while still keeping people safe during a very scary time. We never thought that the delight of working in pajamas next to your pet would last this long, and we have grown accustomed to its perks: spending less time and money on commuting, being able to make lunch and coffee at home instead of buying it at overpriced and med…
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TWitter thread about why you should talk salary with your peers, colleagues, friends, family, salary negotiation, bad jobs

Wise Thread Explains Why We Need to Be Talking Salary With Our Peers

Talking pay is rarely easy in the workplace. Employers generally discourage salary talk, and looking out for your people can result in accusations of “unionizing." What they're really afraid of is learning what you're worth to them as compared to your colleagues. There are downsides to these conversations - feelings can get hurt, especially when you learn that you make a lot less than a new hire after over a year of helping the company profit. Ultimately, however, knowledge is power, and it's g…
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Funny dad jokes, corny memes, fatherhood, puns, lol | Jim Halpert from The Office looking through window blinds Dads waiting January 1st 0:01 so they can say haven't seen since last year. | Dad @thedad DAD Dad law requires dads say one following ready leave Let's rock n roll -Let's skeedadle -Saddle up, partners -Let's get heck outta dodge -Time hit road -Let's blow this popsicle stand -Let's hightail outta here -Let's get this show on road

Corny Memes and Tweets For Everyone's Inner Dad

Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
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Funny tweets about recruiters failing, bad recruiters, careless, cringe, fail, work, twitter

Incredibly Inept Recruiter Inspires Fail-Filled Twitter Thread

Recruiters probably help to match a lot of skilled people with quality vacancies. But they can be incredibly annoying and sometimes even straight up careless. They cold message you on LinkedIn , promising opportunities, pretending as though they're sending a genuine message rather than just filling in the blanks of a generic template. That kind of behavior has become expected – I don't even bother opening correspondence from people with a corporate headshot. We recently covered a man whose recr…
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Funny thread about the ages of lord of the rings characters

Comprehensive Age Chart of Lord of the Rings Characters Has the Internet Shook

Aragorn is how old?
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People Discuss artists, pop stars being forced to make TikToks, Halsey, TWitter, FKA Twigs, Charli XCX, Florence Welch

People Discuss How TikTok Has Poisoned the Music Industry

Social media may have its perks (staying in touch with friends, stalking exes ), but it can also be incredibly poisonous. Unfortunately, it's become nearly impossible to live a socials-free life, especially if you work in media or are a public figure, such as a musician or an actor. Agents and managers urge their clients to be “present” on apps like Instagram, TikTok, and (less-so) Twitter. But that just leads to being less present in the real world. If your job involves hours of practice, rehe…
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Tweets and reactions to the fact tthat Neil Patrick Harris had a party and served a cake in the shape of Amy Winehouse's corpse

So, Neil Patrick Harris Might Be a Really Bad Guy

This is seriously messed up.
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Cringey gatekeeping, gatekeepers, cringe, bad people, tweets, twitter, misogyny

Obnoxious Gatekeepers Who Should Just Let People Live

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Funny random memes and tweets, lol, humor

A Mixed-Up Bunch of Moderately Entertaining Memes

Thursday. We've definitely reached that time of the week where every minute of work seems to feel like an unreasonably long lifetime. You know, we're talking Sardinian or Okinawan lifetimes. Watching the slowly ticking clock on the wall or on our phones really doesn't help. Drinking seltzer, having a snack, or even simply laughing with your colleagues doesn't help. Even that carefully packed and comforting bento box you ordered from Seamless or perhaps Uber Eats is incapable of taking away the…
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interesting, knowledge, educational, true facts, facts, fun facts, tweets, twitter, today i learned, history, history tweets, weird history, historical pictures, maps, war,

Obscure Facts & Snapshots From History

Did you know that Ernest Hemingway used to shoot sharks with a tommy gun while fishing for marlins? Neither did I until I found @weird_hist, a Twitter account that drops random little-known historical tidbits and fascinating images from the past. Each one of @weird_hist's tweets is a gateway to a historical k-hole. First, you'll naturally want to fact-check the information. Did the CIA really equip cats with radio transmitters to try and spy on the Soviets? From there you're just a few more clic
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Funny and interesting stories about strange interactions with famous celebrities, icons, musicians,

People on Twitter Share Their Strangest Celebrity Interactions

When you really think about it, it's kind of strange how people obsess over celebrities, whether they're award-winning actor heart throbs, or popular musicians. It's easy to forget that they are humans, just like us. And humans are weird. Like, really weird. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that meeting the star of a Marvel movie might be less than explosive,. And it shouldn't be shocking that maybe that energetic musician you like is actually kind of quiet when chilling in the real wo…
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