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A Cacophony Of Random Memes And Posts

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Twitter users and people share the weirdest and dumbest reasons they got in trouble at work, bad jobs, work,, lol, humor

People Share the Weirdest Things They Got In Trouble For at Work

Some bosses are truly out of their minds.
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Depressing twitter thread about bad work experiences, tweets, bad jobs, bad bosses

People Share Their Worst-Ever Work Stories

What a wonderful world.
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Funny random memes and tweets

A Melange of Memes With Diverse Themes

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Funny spicy memes and tweets, dank memes, lol, unexpected punchlines, hold up, second half not gonna lie, twists and turns

Spicy Tweets With Unexpected Punchlines

Mamma mia
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Funny Memes about soup, soup season, soup season memes, humor, tweets, tumblr

Soup Memes For the Height of 'Soup Season'

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Funny memes and tweets, dank memes, christmas and new years, twitter

Funny & Relatable Tweets About That Weird Time Between Christmas & New Years

It's a miracle that you're reading this list. It has nothing to do with you, dear reader. It has to do with the fact that I have no concept of what day it is, I'm bloated from holiday feasting, and pretty sure I'm still fighting a 3 day hangover from trying to drink away the pain of being with family. The period between Christmas and New Years is famous for its murkiness. One day can feel like three. We melt into our couches, filled with the scraps of that turkey, ham, or (perhaps) a tofu roast…
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Funny and cringey times people didn't know who they were talking to

Cringey Times People Didn't Know Who They Were Talking To

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Fascinating thread about the origin of Jews eating chinese food on Christmas in New York City Lower East Side | megan n'n @kehillahjewess seems like customary Jewish tradition eat Chinese food on Christmas, but have ever wondered where time-honored practice came | late 1880s, many Chinese immigrants moved Lower East Side Manhattan after living California during creation Transcontinental Railroad. Many these families ended up going into restaurant industry and opened up their own businesses.

Twitter Thread Explains Why Jews Eat Chinese Food On Christmas

The more you know.
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Funny twitter thread about working at a grocery store during the holidays, entitlement, funny, funny tweets | dylan morrison @dylan_thyme two years part team handled holiday orders at fancy~ grocery store where worked; last year ran encourage STAY HOME this season, here are some stories about some wild shit holidays seem drive people do! some these orders were raw meats turkeys, rib roasts, etc but most them were prepared meals, or raw meat and prepared sides save people having cook themselves

Twitter Thread Details the Insanity of Working at a Grocery Store During the Holidays

We really should all just stay home.
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Funny twitter thread about things that seem racist but aren't | rebecca @abcdrih what's something that ISN'T racist but still FEELS racist to you? @abcdrih i'll go first, white men in flip flops | Giving baby names unnecessary letters like "y", "x", "eigh", etc and just inventing names that should never have been conceived.

20 Things That Seem Racist But Aren't, According To Twitter

Some hot takes in here.
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Funny mistakes, facepalm, fail

Humorously Daft Misconceptions From People of All Ages

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Funny random memes and tweets, lol, humor

A Multitude of Memes for Entertainment Only

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Nostalgic Tweets about McDonald's of the past

15+ Nostalgic Tweets That Remember McDonald's In Its Former Glory

Two Words: McDonald's Riverboat
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Funny tweets, twitter memes, tweets, lol, humor

Fresh Tweets from the Clever Minds of Twitter

Twitter excellence.
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Twitter thread reveals how to use robocalls, scam calls, spam calls to make easy money

Game Changing Thread Shares How to Make Cash From Spam Calls

It's not simple, but it's worth it
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