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Funny Memes, No Assembly Required

Having a sense of humor is an invaluable quality. You don't have to be a brilliant standup comedian to know that! Comedy is highly beneficial if you're weak in other social skills. How many times have you heard the story of the class clown who was able to gain the respect of their fellow students through their sense of humor? I was 100% that kid when I was in high school. I took this John Waters quote extremely literally when I was a teen, and in some ways, I still do! "Anytime you make someone…
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funny random memes, twitter, random memes, funny memes, funny tumblr posts, dank memes, Memes, twitter memes, tweets, funny tweets, funny twitter, random tweets, funny meme, funny tumblr

Backlogged Memes That Got Lost in the System

They're free!
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A compilation of epic Twitter ratios

30 Epic Twitter Ratios Heard Round The World

What does it mean to be ratio'd? I have had to explain ratio-ing to several internet-illiterate people in my life, but it always feels difficult to capture in words. There's something uniquely humiliating about a reply to your tweet or comment getting far more engagement than your original comment. One of the most intrinsic qualities of ratio-ing is that everyone points and laughs at the person getting ratio'd. It's even more humiliating now that this phenomenon has a name that everyone knows i…
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Absurd Memes That Get A Little Crazy

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A compilation of funny and random memes

Wonky Memes That Don't Look Quite Right

I wish I could be one of those people who could raw dog vision. By that, I mean the second you open your eyes, you can see the world without assistance from glasses or contacts . If you're a diva of the 20/20 vision experience, consider me officially jealous of you. I've worn contacts for 10 years now, and sometimes I have the creeping inner thought that I should just go and get my eyes zapped. The fact that there are lasers that can easily make your vision good in one foul swoop is so insanely…
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Twitter and TikTok users share horror stories about Jennifer Lopez

Viral Tweets Expose Jennifer Lopez As The Rudest Celebrity of All Time

Tabloids will say anything about a celebrity to sell a magazine to women waiting in line at the grocery store. They're not the most reliable sources regarding which star is rude and nasty. Luckily, we're not in the mid-aughts anymore, and social media has provided a platform for real people to expose rude celebrities for the menaces they are. If it wasn't for social media, we might still be in the dark about how mean Ellen was to her employees. When TikTok and Twitter users were asked about the…
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Dude Tries To Prove That Modest Women Attract Attention To Themselves, Fails Miserably

Every trad weirdo on the internet has a different idea of how women should be. Trad guys want to return to the traditions of some idyllic version of the past, but none can seem to agree on which historical time period they're longing for. As far as I can tell, there are two camps of trad wife fashion: 1800s levels of modesty and 1950s housewives . Podcaster and known sexist Elijah Schaffer posted a tweet this week claiming that even modest women get stared at in the streets and that society has…
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Funny memes about friends, lovers, family, all kinds of relationships

Memes and Tweets That Riff on Every Kind of Relationship

When we talk about relationships, it feels like people are usually discussing ones of the romantic variety. But there are many other types of relationships. The relationship you have with your toilet, for example. Or your friendships, the people who are your blood family, or perhaps your chosen family. I, personally, have a relationship with my coworkers. It's usually positive. But we have our little ways of communicating with side-eyes, smiles, and sometimes the odd eye-roll that lets us know…
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Pi Day Memes For Nerds Who Celebrate Pi Day

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Recap of the season finale of The Last of Us Starring Pedro Pascal on HBO

'The Last of Us' Finale: Recap and Funniest Reaction Memes (March 13, 2023)

The Last of Us season finale is here! Most of us couldn’t be more horrified. Prepare for spoilers: Players of the game knew what was coming. A high-stakes, intense and controversial ending that left the player confused of their own moral stance. Even after having beaten the game way back in the day, I was nowhere near prepared for what was in store. The television adaptation not only stays loyal to the game’s finale, it utilizes some of that “movie magic” to go above and beyond in creating a te…
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The Funniest Oscars Tweets For 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' Superfans

This year's Oscars went off without a hitch! I know many of us tuned into the 95th Academy Awards last night to see how many hack jokes about The Slap would happen, and I was one of those people! Jimmy Kimmel did…fine as the host. We had one big upset in the category of Best Supporting Actress with Jamie Lee Curtis beating Angela Bassett. The two main winners of the night were All Quiet on the Western Front and Everything Everywhere All At Once . Everything Everywhere All At Once is now the mos…
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Memes That Add Meaning To Your Wretched Lives

No offense
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Twitter discourse about a dude who finds it weird that a guy wouldn't want to switch out of the middle seat

Dude Offers Guy Middle Seat On The Plane, Twitter Users Call Him "Entitled"

If there's one thing I hate about Twitter, it's the people who use it . I'm not saying this to be a hater. Still, longtime Twitter users like myself will recognize a type of defensive rhetoric unique to Twitter users that makes the experience of using the bird app kind of miserable. They will always assume the worst about a situation and respond accordingly. They act like everyone is the enemy who needs to get told off by their righteous army. I don't know why Twitter is like this, but if I had…
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20 Hilarious Deleted Tweets That Will Live On Forever

Be careful what you tweet!
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A compilation of funny and weird posts and comments from Reddit

Hilarious Posts From The Good Side of Reddit

Reddit has a mediocre reputation depending on who you ask. So many non-Redditors believe it's an absolute cesspool of the worst people with the worst opinions imaginable. I myself believed that before I made my account. I had little to no faith that the website all of my friend's boyfriends were obsessed with would be a fulfilling experience. Those who've never taken a dip into the waters of Reddit themselves need to know that it's just like any social media. When you're a Redditor, you need to…
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Deadbeat Dad Refuses To Spend an Hour With His Kids, Claims It's His Wife's Job

Weaponized incompetence personified
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