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High School Student Educates Teacher About Doing Her Job

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Class Plays April Fools Prank on Teacher by Turning All the Desks on Their Sides, Teacher Retaliates Beautifully

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Japanese Students Fight Dragon Ball Style!

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Professors Are All-Seeing

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It's a Vicious Cycle

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How'd I Get a Negative Percentage?

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The Sad Truth

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Do ALL the Studying?!

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What Australopithecines

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Hard Questions Make Me Gassy

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I Don't Really need to Go to College Anyway

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The Breakfast of Champions

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Of Course, I'm Totally Into LARPing

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It Must Be Hard Not Paying Attention all Day

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Bad Students We Are...

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Philosoraptor: And Why Don't the Authorities Investigate the Missing High School Student?

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