'But First, Coffee'

Caption that reads, "Back of laptop: *exists;* College girls with stickers: ..." above a pic of someone slapping a sponge against a pane of glass
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32 Amusing Memes That'll Disintegrate Your Boredom

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The Biggest Pet Peeve

Caption that reads, "When the teacher leaves the cursor on the play bar so it can't disappear" above a pic of Squidward from Spongebob staring intently with text that reads, "Move the mouse"
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This Can't Be Right

Funny meme about english teachers.
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Pulled A Fast One

Picture of a book with spaghetti coming out of it, with the caption, "When the teacher thinks you're studying but really you're eating spaghetti"

C'mon Teachers, We're Waiting!

Student gave the teacher an anniversary cake after three months passed and the essays still hadn't been graded


"The most dangerous game to play: 'Resting your eyes' in the morning after shutting off your alarm"

I Thought I Was The Only One!

class university students relatable college - 9149387008
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9 Hilarious Times People Were 'Legally Allowed To Leave'

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The end of semester in a nutshell

The end of semester in a nutshell
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Funny test and exam answers from kids in school, cover photo the questions is what ended in 1896, the kid's answer is 1895.

23 Funny Test Answers That Are So Wrong They're Right

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Funny memes about college, studying, coffee, university, exams, papers, cover is a chart of how much coffee you need to get through various tasks.

15 Memes That Perfectly Embody The Pains Of Being A Student

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Funny meme of dog with graduation outfit on, expressing the anxieties of student debt from college.
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Teens are Over the Mannequin Challenge and Have Moved on to the Backpack Challenge

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