The end of semester in a nutshell

The end of semester in a nutshell
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Funny test and exam answers from kids in school, cover photo the questions is what ended in 1896, the kid's answer is 1895.

23 Funny Test Answers That Are So Wrong They're Right

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Funny memes about college, studying, coffee, university, exams, papers, cover is a chart of how much coffee you need to get through various tasks.

15 Memes That Perfectly Embody The Pains Of Being A Student

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Funny meme of dog with graduation outfit on, expressing the anxieties of student debt from college.
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twitter school students list Video backpack - 1179653

Teens are Over the Mannequin Challenge and Have Moved on to the Backpack Challenge

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Which Is Harder?

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kids learn Pure Awesome students world burn - 5465644800
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wtf students - 3453747456
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You Can Never Be Too Careful

calculators school students math - 8385704704

Welcome to the Procrastination Station

college lazy funny students procrastination - 8368345344
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dancing korean funny teachers students Video - 65360129

Korean Students Dance Behind the Teacher's Back

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The Teachers Have Escaped

funny teachers students g rated School of FAIL - 8198576128
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What Modern Paper Writing Has Become

students sad but true wikipedia web comics - 8195839744
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At Least He Got it Right

students teachers funny - 8056145920

Game, Set, Match: Students

printing school students - 7823827712
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students Professors prank Video - 54491393

Student Tricks an Entire Room Into Thinking He's the Professor on the First Day of Class

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