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"20-something girl on the phone: I've never been dumped, I've just been slowly treated worse and worse"
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Literally Me

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Soooo True

Tweet that says, "I have 1000 Mars Bars in my fridge and my mate has one in his. I pressured him into giving his to a homeless person. This is how celeb charity appeals work"
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This Comic Perfectly Sums Up What's It Like Being Poor

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*Jaw Drops*

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27 Ridiculous Memes To Take Your Mind Off It All

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Well, I'm F*cked Then

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*Crying Inside*

Photo of college graduates implying that they spent too much money on a college degree
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Being An Adult Is The Worst

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15 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Capture the Struggles of Seizing the Day

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These Brutally Honest Fortune Cookie Quotes Aren't What You Want to Hear After Dinner

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Donald the Pirate Ghost

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The Poor World of Mr. Duck

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The Shame of The Son

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Stay Away From Games Kids

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When You Spend Months Filling Your Pokedex and Realise Nobody Is Playing Pokemon Go Anymore

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