sad but true

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People Discuss All The Sobering Truths That Most Of Us Ignore

No more turning a blind eye
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Funny memes and jokes that are technically true.

Technically True Memes & Jokes That We Really Can't Argue With

Pretty damn accurate.
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Miserably Comforting Memes For When The Seasonal Sadness Hits

Misery loves company
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Checks Out

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Funny meme about the different ways people say GG, video games, gaming, three headed dragon

Perplexing Logic

Funny meme about how jobs say to forget everything you learned in college, confused at loading image, you can't get a job without a college education, unqualified
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Funny meme about how videos of animals hurting humans are funny, but videos of humans hurting animals suck
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Way Too Poor For That

Caption that reads, "'Do you have health insurance? Me: ..." above pics of Vick's VapoRub, soup and a can of Sprite
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Caption that reads, "When people tell you to drop the negative people in your life but you are the negative people in your life" above a stock photo of a guy looking pensive and staring off into the distance
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cover image of Mordecai and Rigby asking to do something scary, asking brain for serotonin and dopamine

27 Mental Health Memes That'll Temporarily Soothe The Soul

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Tumblr post that reads, "I automatically that everyone finds me unattractive until they tell me otherwise, and then I assume that they are lying to make fun of me"
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Sad But Also Kind Of Accurate

Caption that reads, "Doctor: What are you using for birth control? Me: Just who I am as a person" above a stock photo of a woman at a doctor appointment
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Tweet that reads, "I have 1,000 Mars Bars in my fridge and my mate has one in his his. I pressured him into giving his to a homeless person. This is how celebrity charity appeals work"
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Big Spender

Tweet that reads, "What would you do if someone left you $8.7 mill?" followed by a reply that reads, "Pay off my student loans and use the remaining $10 to go to the movies"
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Sad But Accurate

Caption that reads, "How it feels to go back to work after your lunch break" above a pic of prisoners going back into their jail cells
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16 Cynical Adulting Memes And Tweets That'll Make You Feel Slightly Less Helpless

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