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gifs awesome sad but true Dragon Ball Z kinect fighting - 6925823744
By Unknown

The Great Motivator

motivation sad but true web comics - 8754809088
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Every Day of My Life

everyday gifs goals sad but true stab video games Videogames - 6537852160
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How America Was Founded

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monday thru friday work sad but true web comics - 684805

Work Related Web Comics to Help You Make It Through Monday

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Get Off The Blow, Man

gifs mindwarp sad but true soccer - 6345212672
By Unknown

I Was Just Venting

web comics logic I Was Just Venting
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What I Feel Like I Look Like When Talking to a Potential Love Interest

hi joker gifs Awkward sad but true - 8447602688
By anselmbe

Nice Shirts Finish Last

wtf puns sad but true divorce web comics - 8572109568
Via Kohney

At Least It Only Cost a Few Grand

yikes FAIL sad but true web comics - 8572635136
By tamaleknight

Right To Be Unproductive

yikes Babies wtf shakespeare sad but true web comics - 8573364992
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Some Advice For If You Become Depressed

floor sad but true Cats web comics - 8573362176
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It's OK, Kid, Disappointment is a Normal Feeling

FAIL gifs kids sad but true baseball - 8573302784
By MarcusLeary

The Saddest Song of Them All

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The Face You Put On Looking For a Job

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Who Needs Mental Health Care?

reagan guns presidents demotivationals history sad but true - 8572169472
By Victor58