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They Threw A Party And Everything

Caption reads, "The last time people were excited to see me" above a pic of an ultrasound
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Way Too Relatable

Caption that reads, "What I want vs. What I can afford" over a pic of a girl looking out her plane window at the Eiffel Tower, next to another pic of a girl sitting next to a dryer machine looking into it
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Bish I Know You Saw It

Pic of a kid holding his phone and looking sad, under the caption, "When it says 'active now' and he still ain't read your message"
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And That's How The Dinos Died Out

Twitter joke about how the dinosaurs died out wishing upon a shooting star that turned out to be a meteor
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Comic about how easy it was to get a job in the 1970s versus how difficult it is today
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Sign Me Up, Demons!

1,000 year-old demon: "I wish I had a body to posses;" Me: a tired MF who would love nothing more than to be run on autopilot


Pic of an empty wallet with a cigarette sticking out with the caption, "Money? I haven't heard that name in years"
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"20-something girl on the phone: I've never been dumped, I've just been slowly treated worse and worse"
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Literally Me

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Soooo True

Tweet that says, "I have 1000 Mars Bars in my fridge and my mate has one in his. I pressured him into giving his to a homeless person. This is how celeb charity appeals work"
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*Jaw Drops*

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Well, I'm F*cked Then

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