Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

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20+ Memes Both Blatantly Naughty & Filled With Innuendo

Mamma Mia
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15+ Unfortunate Posts With Questionable Subtext

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Funny Memes, Stupid Memes, Punny Memes, Puns, Double Entendre, Dad Jokes, Dumb Humor | Hey guys do wanna hang out after school? Kid named out: Kid named school: Kid named guys do wanna hang out after school: Kid named guys son bitch, Im Hey. | Hey bro, where can get protein shake around here Dude, there's no whey hell.

30+ Punny Memes Full Of Innuendo

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Religious Mom Gifts Innuendo-Laden Christmas Ornament

It's the thought that counts...
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Entertaining And Suggestive Blunders That Definitely Weren’t A Coincidence

There are plenty of situations in life which qualify a double take . The world is full of funny accidents, sly jokes and people just plain goofing off , but you have to look closely if you want to catch it all. With a keen eye and a dark sense of humor, you come to realize that there are plenty of questionable happenings out there. This is the premise of r/theyknew , a collection of all the so-called hilarious ‘coincidences’ that can be found out in the wild. Perhaps we all just have dirty mind…
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Dumb Memes Full of Dad-Worthy Wordplay

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Funny twitter thread about sex and cooking What’s something you could say both during sex and while cooking | Lina Lundin @slinan 's something could say both during sex and while cooking? | President Warren G. Harding @PopeAwesomeXII Replying slinan This isn't going great, let's just order pizza. 7:24 PM 6/30/20 Twitter Web App

Saucy Thread Of Zingers That Apply Both In The Kitchen & In The Bedroom

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We Need To Go Deeper!!

NASA headline that says, "NASA wants to probe deeper into Uranus than ever before
Via gailyna

This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'

Australia tourism innuendo This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'
Via cuinthent

The Canadian Government is Very Concerned About Your Lack of D

funny fail image Canadian vitamin campaign wants to make sure you're getting enough D
Via Yukon Health and Social Services

The Author Definitely Did This on Purpose

innuendo - 8261761792

What? It's True!

innuendo meat - 8232732160

Okay, Mr. Author, There's No Way You Didn't Write This on Purpose

innuendo kids books - 8002446336
By Unknown

If You Look Hard Enough, Like Really Really Hard...

innuendo oprah dress funny - 7760826368
By beernbiccies

Never Give Them a Chance at Innuendo

dating innuendo eww funny jerks wtf - 8343037440

What a Lovely Sight

creepy innuendo looking observation uranus - 5585680896
By Unknown
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