Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

Just Don't Ask to See His Knights of the Round Table

innuendo similar sounding camelot - 6898784256
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Well That Doesn't Sound Very Good...

innuendo literalism homophones double meaning - 6854547968
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The Hero Gotham Needs, But Doesn't Want

innuendo dark knight college humor batman - 6791761920
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We're Gonna Die Young

replacement innuendo gross - 6759254272
Created by Unknown

That is Perhaps What She Uttered At One Point

innuendo double entendre stone double meaning - 6767850496
Created by Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: ... But Not a Hairy One

camel innuendo toe misinterpretation literalism double meaning classic - 6752020480
Created by Hypotherm

That's Not the Temple...

innuendo triforce zelda - 6749202688
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We Are Not Aroused

innuendo Queen Elizabeth II Vladimir Putin - 6654619648
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Durex Ad from China

commercial Ad innuendo China Michelle Obama condoms - 6746344704
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innuendo gross joe biden - 44016385

No, Joe. Please Don't.

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Hold On, Let Me Check

joe biden Jill Biden innuendo pointing - 6628598016
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Under the Weather

feeling under weather innuendo lolwut wtf - 6662228480
Created by katty2000 ( Via Azure888 )

Will BLB Ever Catch a Break?

innuendo - 6624493312
Created by adrian03

Topless Photo of the Dutchess of Cambridge

double meaning innuendo literalism misleading Photo Reframe topless variations on a theme - 6620809984
Created by Unknown

Does That Mean He's Being Optimus Primal?

double meaning innuendo literalism optimus prime playing self transformers - 6608258560
Created by xyzpdq1

A Full Frontal Photo of the Duchess of Cambridge

double meaning false expectations innuendo literalism - 6618986240
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