Horrible Bosses

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Employee Exposes Shady Boss Who Cheated Workers Out of Years of Benefits

If you haven't noticed, there's an epidemic of horrible bosses scamming their employees out of benefits, wages, and precious time. It's almost as if the managerial class as a whole is incentivized to rip off the working class as much as possible. How else is your boss supposed to become filthy rich? That money has to come from somewhere. Redditor u/ClubWag recently shared their infuriating tale of working for a lying, gaslighting boss who broke promises and cheated employees out of official pol…
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New Management Tells Workers to Quit if They Don’t Like the New Rules, Everyone Quits

There's no shortage of stories about incompetent managers driving their skilled staff away with terrible ideas about how they should be doing their jobs, and this post recently shared on r/MaliciousCompliance is a perfect example. For those who want the TL;DR: basically, OP worked at a sales job where they had a fantastic manager who treated his staff like human beings and gave them the freedom to do their jobs in whatever way worked best for them. As long as everyone was hitting their targets,…
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A Reddit story about a worker who gets his finger sliced off and his boss refuses to pay workers comp

Teenage Worker Gets Finger Sliced off on Machinery, Boss Refuses to Pay Workers Comp

Working a thankless customer service job can be grueling. You get regularly disrespected by both customers and your boss . Customers might yell at you or even in rare situations throw a glass at your head, but they typically don't pose real danger to your safety. They come in, they ruin your night, and then they leave. Your boss is much more likely to put you in unsafe situations due to their negligence. Sure, they might not intend to hurt you, but they do hurt you just the same through inane p…
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Workers Share Times Their Cheap Bosses Made Them Pay for Food at Work-Related Social Engagements

What kind of company forces their employees to pay for food at a work event? Bosses already rip off workers with low wages and long hours. Making them pay $5 for a hamburger at the work cookout is just adding insult to injury.
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Boss Rags On Employee for Wearing Shorts to Work, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Nobody likes a boss who arbitrarily makes up reasons to berate their employees just because they're having a bad day and feel like taking it out on someone. When redditor u/bear-mc showed up to work wearing totally normal khaki shorts due to the hot weather, their boss used it as an opportunity to reprimand them. The boss demanded that OP “follow the dress code to the book," and OP complied…maliciously.
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Boss Idiotically Cops to Grand Theft Paycheck In Email to Former Employee Requesting Owed Wages

It's insulting enough to get paid the bare minimum for a job that demands most of your time. But a company that literally steals wages from their employees ? That's just vile. When redditor u/overworked-american asked for owed wages from their former employer , they were shocked when the head of the company not only rejected their request, but justified the denial by essentially explaining that it wouldn't be fair to all the other employees the company had ripped off in the past.
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Abusive Boss Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine When Worker Quits Without Notice

Horrible bosses are the absolute worst, but many disgruntled employees aren't necessarily in a position to quit their jobs , leaving them stuck in an indefinite 9-5 nightmare. However, when the opportunity to quit does arise, it can feel like the best day of one's life. In a r/MaliciousCompliance post, redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516 explains how their cruel boss seemed to get off on constantly reminding employees that they could get fired at any moment, without notice. When OP finally got the…
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Boss Threatens to Fire Worker for Being Sick

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Covid is not over. Sure, we may have adapted as a species, but people are still getting sick, and they're still contagious. One redditor's boss threatened their employee with termination after they called in sick with Covid, claiming that they don't have any “time off or sick time” and would be fired after seven days of absence “as per company policy.” Even if OP was sick with the common flu, this boss would still be forcing their employees to work in a…
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Boss Prohibits Employees From Adjusting A/C In Unbearably Hot Workplace, Thread Offers Lots of Clever Advice

Lately, workers have been taking to social media to expose certain e-commerce behemoths for providing horribly dangerous working conditions. Some of the more disturbing posts include pictures of room temperature thermometers giving readings in the hundreds. You'd think that other companies would take this current moment as a cue to do better, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. One redditor recently made a post in r/antiwork complaining that their boss wouldn't let anyone touch…
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Boss Calls Employee 'Privileged' and 'Lazy' for 'Only' Working 60 Hours Per Week

Why is it so hard for some bosses to treat their employees like human beings? There are about 112 waking hours in a week (assuming the average adult gets 8 hours of sleep per night). That means, if you work a full time job, you only have 72 precious hours of free time. If you work 60 hours a week? Make that 52 hours of free time. One redditor on r/antiwork said that their boss expects them to work over 60 hours per week doing hard labor under the hot sun. At a job like that, is there even time…
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Worker Goes Home Sick With Fever, Psycho Manager Shows up to Her House and Calls the Cops

Some people are just not fit to be managers.
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CEO Doesn’t Invite Engineers to Company Party, so They Throw a Bigger One and Expense It

When the head of a company treats some of their employees with respect and others like garbage, do they expect those undervalued workers to just take it? When one CEO prohibited all the hard-working engineers at the company from attending their massive customer appreciation party (that all the sales employees were invited to, by the way), the engineers maliciously complied with the help of their VP.
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Person Discusses job where people have to sing if they are one minute late.

People Brainstorm Revenge Tactics For Company Forcing People Who Are a Minute Late Sing a Song

Humiliation is never chill. That is unless it's your kink, and we won't judge you for that. Humiliation in the workplace, however, is never okay. Redditor u/estranged_writer511 shared a despicable post with the r/antiwork community, explaining that their new job has a policy that requires people who are even a single minute late to sing a song for everyone as punishment.
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Entitled Employer Expects Employee to Run Work Errands During Lunch & Still Have Time to Eat

One day at work, redditor u/unitedstatesofLABIA wasn't feeling super hungry, so they agreed to help their boss with a few errands. Big mistake. It's easy to let these things slide in the moment, but the consequences of letting bosses cross boundaries—like using lunch breaks for work-related errands—can come back to bite you in the long run. That's why we have things like regulation in the first place. Without regulation, exploitation is inevitable.
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Manager Says Worker Needs Permission to Clock Out, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Since when do shift workers need to wait for permission before leaving once their shift ends? Are you going to pay overtime? No? Okay, bye then! When redditor u/Brooklynisqueerr gave their manager a heads up once their shift had ended, OP was rightfully confused when their manager seemed angry and annoyed. She even made up a new rule on the spot: "Next time you need to wait for a manager to let you go home." Instead of fighting with the boss, OP complied…maliciously.
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A Reddit thread about a shady job posting for a coffee shop accusing aplicants of being lazy.

Shady Job Posting Preemptively Accuses Applicants Of Laziness

People are becoming much more critical of recruiters' rhetoric during the Great Resignation era. Even as early as the application process, employers will show their slips, and it will be apparent that their business is not an ideal working environment . Red flags during the hiring process should never be brushed off or ignored, and this case is no exception to that rule. Reddit user Iambacon shared a job posting they found on Facebook to r/recruitinghell. There were several things with this pos…
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