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A Reddit thread about the worst holiday Christmas gifts workers had ever been given

Workers Discuss The Worst Christmas Presents Their Company Ever Gave Them

From the time we were little, we were taught to be grateful for whatever gifts we were given during the holidays. Parents coach their children to say thank you no matter what present they get because doing anything else would be most unkind. However, as you grow up, you realize that some gifts are actually an insult. The mean girl in middle school didn't give you a Lady Speed Stick out of the kindness of her heart. Likewise, sometimes companies give gifts that are far more insulting than they a…
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Customers Dine & Dash at Restaurant, Boss Tries to Force Server to Cover Cost

Serving is a thankless job. Often caught between a horrible boss breathing down their neck and a table of customers from hell, a server only has a paycheck and tips to look forward to. One redditor vented to r/antiwork about their sister's shady employer , who had the nerve to charge her $200 after her table decided to dine and dash. So, not only did she miss out on a good tip, but her job was putting her into debt. Redditors in the comment section were rightfully indignant, urging OP to report…
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Shady Company Tries to Steal Employee’s Paycheck With ‘Payroll Reversal’ After It’s Deposited

The one thing people expect from their employers is to be compensated for their work in a timely manner. Can you imagine what would happen if, after purchasing something in a store, you reached into the cash register to take your money back? Or what if you turned in your rent and then cancelled the check before it could be cashed. Do you think your landlord would let that slide? Of course not. Under no circumstances should a company be able to “reverse payroll” on their employees. This is exact…
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Guy Gives Notice to Job, Company Revokes All PTO

A disgruntled worker shared this experience to Reddit's r/ antiwork subreddit, claiming that their employer had refused to honor their accrued PTO once they handed in their notice. They had thought that they were doing the correct and honorable thing by giving their notice to their employer but felt that this had just come back to bite them. The relationship between an organization and its workers is built upon trust. Once that trust is betrayed by a worker/workers it's completely fair that the…
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Supervisor Told By Micromanaging Manager to Check Clock-Ins More Closely, Employees End Up With Massive Payout

It doesn't
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Entitled Boss Loses It When Vacationing Employee Is Unreachable

Vacation time is precious. Every day that most of us salaried workers toil equals a percentage of a day of freedom. That freedom can be enjoyed in many different ways: a little staycation with your partner, ordering fancy takeout and sleeping in. Or perhaps a beach getaway, sleeping and drinking on the sand, letting the salt water rejuvenate ones body. Whatever the flavor of vacation, there is one important and universal truth for that time: You do not have to work. Most of the time we are acti…
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Boss Berates Deli Worker for Not Serving Karen Minutes Before Closing, Employees Maliciously Comply

This humble redditor's tale of retail hell has it all—the entitled Karen who makes demands minutes before closing and leaves a nasty review when she doesn't get her way. The unreasonable boss who expects the employee to do the work of ten people but chews them out if they log even 15 minutes of overtime. And the triumphant workers who show their boss the meaning of malicious compliance .
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Well then... | "Breaks and lunches will no longer be allowed to be taken in your vehicles." the notice reads. "Approved areas are the breakroom and picnic area out front. You can no longer be in the parking lot during work time without permission from your Supervisor. "

'Failure to comply [...] will result in disciplinary action': Viral thread shows workplace limiting employee's breaks to 'approved areas'

This image went viral today after it was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork community. The photo shows a notice that was posted in an apparent break room notifying workers of changes to policy regarding worker breaks. The changes prohibit workers from taking their breaks in their vehicles and require workers to instead take their breaks in “approved areas”. “Breaks and lunches will no longer be allowed to be taken in your vehicles.” the notice reads. “Approved areas are the breakroom and picnic area…
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Jealous Manager's Public Shaming of Employee's 'Revealing Outfit' Totally Backfires

There's nothing worse than a boss who has it out for you for weird personal reasons. In a satisfying tale of malicious compliance, redditor u/Vanna-Black explains how she became the object of her manager's jealousy, and how she was able to escape.
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Viral Thread: Worker Quits on Second Day After Lies From Interview Are Exposed

This restoration apprentice reported that they left their new role on the second day after they discovered the employer had lied about the working hours during the interview process. They shared their experience on the popular r/antiwork subreddit where it received a lot of attention. “Not fired but berated in public?” remarked mkbloodyen. “Sounds like they are hurting for staff.” “Having worked with a couple of these restoration companies, I have to say, I have never seen a decent one, ever,”…
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Greatest Hits: Boss Yells At Intern For Taking Personal Call, Sparks Mass Resignation

This boss laid into an intern when she took a call from her mother telling her that she needed to hurry to the vet to see her dying cat.
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Graphic Designer Receives Scathing Email From Ex-Boss When She Quits on First Day After Being Told to Steal Art

Sometimes you miss glaringly obvious red flags during the interview process. Sometimes the interviewer is entirely dishonest about what you can expect to find in your new role. Then, once you start working, you are suddenly faced with the horrifying reality of what you just signed on for. The best thing to do at this point is to walk away and not fall into the losing game that is the “sunk cost fallacy." If you're getting that feeling in your stomach that early on then you will be doing everyon…
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Sergeant Major Ruins VIP Event With Stupid Demands

This military audio engineer was told by an outranking Sergeant Major that their help wasn't necessary for setting up a VIP ceremony. They did as they were told and "f-ed off" which led to the ceremony being a disaster.
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Wrongly Fired Worker Takes Entire International Division Down With Him

An epic tale of revenge via scorched earth policy.
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Thread: Recruiter Wants to "Negotiate" Lower Salary, Actually Wants to Trick Candidate Into Taking Lower Pay

This job candidate was asked by the recruiter if they would negotiate a lower paid rate, which turned out to just be a way of trying to get them to take the original offer. The recruiter's actions have drawn the ire of the internet after photos of the exchange were posted online. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Reddit user u/Jbeez4117 who shared the thread, which featured screenshots of the exchange, to the popular sub. They posted the thread with the title “That soun…
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'We were all shocked': New Owners Lay Off All Employees and Tells Them to Re-Apply For Their Jobs, Nobody Does

This company and its new owners experienced an important lesson when they laid off all of their employees in a cruel and misguided power-play. The issue was… When the time came to decide which employees they wanted to keep, no one had reapplied. Reddit user u/alldogzzarebeautiful posted this topic to the r/antiwork subreddit. The thread is full of vigor and fury at the injustice that they suffered at the hands of the company's new owners. This is a tactic that companies loved to use when they h…
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