Funny and creepy stories about delivery drivers.

14 Brave Delivery Drivers Share Their Wildest Work Experiences

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Yes, Definitely

Funny meme about shooting the sun to fix global warming.
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Coming For Ya

Funny meme about kissing cats.
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guns gun violence Republicans NRA gun control politics - 5786117

Tennessee Politician Thinks Porn Is The Root Of School Shootings, And The Internet Thinks She's Wacko

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guns gun violence NRA second amendment adhd add adderall ritalin - 5688581

NRA President Blamed School Shootings On Ritalin And Twitter Is Outraged

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Sad tragedy guns Republicans twitter twitter reacts gun control texas politics - 5685253

Texas Official Gets Destroyed Over His Comments On The Latest School Shooting

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Funny memes of Daniel Radcliffe filming Guns Akimbo, daily mail, twitter memes, harry potter memes.

Deranged Photos Of Daniel Radcliffe Are Getting The Royal Meme Treatment

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funny texas memes

24 Texas Memes That Could Fill A Ten-Gallon Hat

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Funny Eric Andre memes, dank eric andre memes, who killed hannibal, hannibal burress, gaming, gaming memes, the simpsons, school, life, depression, depressing memes, politics, russia.

18 More 'Who Killed Hannibal' Memes For The Eric Andre Fans

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Funny Twitter trolling, liberals, conservatives, ar-15s, what do ar-15s stand for, guns, shooting.

AR-15 Stands For Some Pretty Wild Stuff In This Mega-Troll Of A Liberal Twitter Meme

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The Eternal Standoff

Funny meme about going to sleep early.
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The American Way

Funny meme about shooting the sun to fight global warming.
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Well, This Is Problematic

Funny meme about WAlmart selling guns under a back to school sign.
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Leaning Towards #4

Funny choose your fighter meme featuring people in the bathroom with different objects on the floor, including a gun, a dog, and some french fries and a hot dog.
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Love Is Love

Funny meme about future american couples, photo of a neckbeard holding a gun and an anime body pillow.
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Funny meme of Guy Fieri holding a gun with the text "get in the car we're going to fucking flavortown."
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