It's an older meme, but it still checks out.

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This is what USA looks like without the mass shootings.

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"See Something, Say Something?"

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thoughts and prayers

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Via When secrecy rules make its job hard, the government figures it might as well change the rules.

Background Check

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Hope He's Dreaming the American Dream

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Just Don't F**K With Sliced Bread, Man

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Player Threads the Needle in Absolutely Amazing Battlefield Kill

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Gun Maker Releases Official Statement in Response to Nintendo Zapper Replica Criticism

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A Gun Company Just Created the Real Life Version of the Nintendo Duck Hunt Zapper

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Nintendo Zapper Converted to a Glock

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The Second Amendment is the Teeth of the Constitution

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How Many Peeps Can A .50 Cal Go Through?

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A No-Lose Proposition

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