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When it comes to this here tag of Funny Tweets, it consists of any attempt on Twitter at comedy, without the necessary qualifier of succeeding. We also keep a list of top funny tweets that might be more along the lines of what you're looking for if you want actual funny tweets.

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Dylan Park Shares Insane Story About Fake Marine Who Conned Her Way Into the Writers Room

Stolen valor taken to the next level
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Funniest Tweets About the Downfall of 'Wife Guys'

Here comes the divorce
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Fresh Tweets We Straight-Up Stole From the Bird App (September 28, 2022)

Twitter is a wild place. As user @maplecocaine so brilliantly put it (way back in 2019), “Each day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.” Today's it? Well, that would have to be Ned Fulmer of The Try Guys. The site was going wild over some rumors that the “wife guy” has been cheating on his spouse, meaning he is not, in fact, a wife guy. As much as we love internet drama (hint: it's a lot), we know that not everyone has the same taste for it. So we've rounded up th…
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Funny comments by people who didn't understand satire | K JK Rowling stands Karen. 9:33 am 07 Jun 20 Twitter Web App O50 839 281 Comments 102 Shares O Like Comment Share WRONG Her middle name is Kathleen. Do some research before posting anything on Internet! Also don't believe every single thing on Internet! | HERO4 GoPro THEHARDTIMES.NET Strapped GoPro On Bee See Why Bees Are Dying And Boy Did Find Out Quick Um? Bees are too small 's so fake 6m 1 like Reply

17 Times Oblivious People Didn't Get The Joke

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People Who Tried and Failed to Delete Their Embarrassing Tweets

But they were too late
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Funny random memes and tweets

A Rollercoaster Ride of Mostly-Weird Memes

Remember when you first heard Billy Corgan sing "The world is a vampire?" Or are you Gen Z? Either way, the Smashing Pumpkins were right when they penned the tune back in the mid-'90s. It's really quite mind-boggling how little some things have changed since the advent of the grunge era. We are still feeling doomy as hell, hating the government, and feeling frustrated by the lack of opportunities presented to us and the rest of the non-billionaire class. If any music could capture our dissatisf…
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Funny twitter reactions to house of dragons

The Best Reactions to HBO's 'House of the Dragon' Episode 6

Um, hey. Spoilers, obviously. If you've been watching HBO's House of the Dragon as obsessively as I've been, you'll know that last night they did a thing. They did a few things, really. And while there may have been that massive shift in terms of the cast, ( Emma D'Arcy replacing Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra, and Olivia Cooke replacing Emily Carey's Alicent) the same violence and misery remain as though ten minutes had passed rather than ten years. The beginning of the sixth episode greets us with…
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Funny random memes

A Freewheeling Bunch of Memes for Frivolous Moments

The end of the weekend can be difficult. Energy is at an all-time low (at least it is on our Sundays) and almost any form of inane entertainment will keep us enraptured enough to forget about Monday's impending doom. You can turn on the television and get sucked into some series about a serial killer, or some wartorn country, and actually feel pretty good about your current station. Even if you're just scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram feed, it beats having to acknowledge that soon yo…
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A Time Capsule of '90s News Stills

The nostalgia is strong with the people of the Internet. We're guilty of it, too. It's hard to escape the articles about millennials , ‘90s kids memes, and the nostalgic pictures of bygone products and customs that are constantly being shared on social media. While we miss Altoids sours as much as the next geriatric millennial, the incessant wistfulness is getting old. Instead of crying about the products of capitalism we used to enjoy, today we’re going to take a weird walk down a different me…
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Fresh Tweets We Lovingly Collected From the Bird App (September 25, 2022)

Happy Sunday, freaks. Does anyone else feel the “ Sunday Scaries ” looming over their shoulder? I'd like to say it “couldn't be me,” but alas. Even when your job consists of staring at funny internet things, Monday isn't exactly a day I look forward to. Just an hour before I started typing this I was flabbergasted by the fact that it was already Sunday. Saturday was a blur of near-comatose recovery from the hell of the week before. Time flies when you're beaten down by existence. Anyway. If you…
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Some of the Worst Tweets Of All Time, Presented in One Painful Thread

We often highlight some of the funniest jokes that Twitter has to offer for those who normally wouldn't go near the bird website with a ten-foot pole. But it would be a lie to portray Twitter as anything other than a cesspool of horrific takes and the sort of cringe that can only come from brains rotted by the internet. For those of us sickos who can't get enough of social media's cringiest moments, @benner's thread is a goldmine of the worst tweets ever twote. Before you dive into this content…
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An article about an Airbnb Host who threatened to stalk a tenant for giving a 4/5 rating on his listing.

Unhinged Airbnb Host Threatens Tenant for Leaving 4/5 Star Rating

Being an Airbnb hater is a big part of who I am and what I do. I distinctly recall being on a family vacation, waiting outside in freezing weather for over an hour for the owner of the apartment to give my family the key. The owner drove a moped and I could tell that he did not feel sorry, not one bit. The best Airbnb experience I had was at a place virtually identical to a hotel, and honestly, that doesn't even count. Despite my bitterness, Airbnb's used to be novel and fun as a concept for mo…
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Fresh Posts From the Minds of Twitter (September 23, 2022)

What upppp internet explorers?! Thank god it's Friday, am I right? We don't want to get in trouble for this, but let's be real: Fridays are kind of a fake workday. It's hard to get anything done when you're anxiously awaiting the end of your shift. By the time 6 pm rolls around, you're wondering why you didn't get more done but don't care enough to work late to finish the job. That's what Sunday night is for. Anyway, one of our favorite ways to procrastinate on Friday is by scrolling through Tw…
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Fresh Tweets We Harvested From the Bird App (September 22, 2022)

Having fun on the internet may seem easy to most people, but it's really more complicated than one might thing. Boredom has a funny way of diminishing the creativity that helps one find something interesting to research, or perhaps a fun game to play. Then there's the fact that the internet is so inconsistent when it comes to humor and general entertainment. Take Twitter, for instance. The “bird app” was created with the intention that people would share short messages with groups of friends or…
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People Share The Pettiest Things Cheapskates Billed Them For

The older you get, the trickier money gets between friends. As some of our pals excel in the money-making department, others fall behind. Sometimes it's because they're woefully irresponsible - they buy drugs with their pay, or drink and gamble it away. Other times it's because they have focused on less lucrative job opportunities. Many of my friends, for example, consider themselves musicians first and workers second. And while they create incredible art and feel gratified by the hours they sp…
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A compilation of funny parenting tweets

The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (September 22, 2022)

Everyone's the perfect parent …until they have kids. That's the hot take a lot of parents express when they find people commenting on and criticizing their parenting techniques. I think there's some truth to this sentiment: I can't even imagine how difficult it is to raise a real human person. However, that doesn't mean that parents, especially those who make weirdly invasive social media posts documenting every part of their children's lives, are exempt from any criticism. Far from it, actuall…
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