double meaning

Let's Just Hope No One Calls Meowt!

cat homophones double meaning - 7111479040
By Unknown

Their Speech is Sure to Get the Crowd Amped!

homophones microphone double meaning - 7101951232
Via Domics

More or Less Obligatory, I Suppose

boyfriend outfit Harry Potter dress double meaning keeper quidditch - 7102015488
By Unknown

And They All Majored In Women's Studies

Lame Pun Coon minors homophone geology double meaning college - 7087228928
By Grantrulz

Finally, Relationship Advice You Can Really Use!

twitter tip relationships literalism advice hashtag double meaning - 7103943936
Via @abispades

The Pinnacle of Phrasal Homophones

confusing convention homophones double meaning - 7087138304
By ceesick

Not What I Meant Not What I Meant NOT WHAT I MEANT

false expectations misinterpretation Pirate literalism booty double meaning - 7093626880
By Galpa (Via Self-Employed Comics)

At Least He Didn't Forget to Pack Anything!

trunk elephant suitcase double meaning - 7101513216
Via Tastefully Offensive

Oh, and He's Pissed Off, Too

cross dresser double meaning - 7088487936
By thurgood (Via High Green Dawn)

It Would Behoove You to Find Yourself in One

relationship horses double meaning stable - 7086273024
By xyzpdq1

My Body is Ready... Is Yours?

HTML body double meaning - 7080392192
By Licicic

Some People Just Get No Respect

hawk misinterpretation no double meaning - 7082596096
Via Sarchasm Comic

I Was Wondering What Stinks...

egg double meaning insult - 7079952384
Via Gemma Correll

I Need Backup! ... Because I Hate Sleeping Alone

cover double meaning police literalism - 7077574656
Via Reddit

Librarians Are So... Charming?

pickup line fine corny double meaning - 7066655744
By Unknown

Baking a Cake at 120 Degrees

cake degrees baking angle temperature double meaning - 7074531840
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