double meaning

Best Shirt? Best Shirt.

T.Shirt Party double meaning - 7042511616
By Unknown

Someone Get These Two Some Preparation H!

fire literalism ass double meaning - 7033102848
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

A Clockwork Orange

lolwut watch book double meaning - 7031798272
By tpk1998

It's a Trap!

trap admiral ackbar double meaning - 7023231744
By xyzpdq1

Being a Chemist is Serious Bismuth

abbreviations elements misinterpretation misunderstanding Chemistry double meaning - 7022648320
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Buffering Dirty

rolling chamillionaire double meaning - 7019937792
Via Pleated Jeans

Will Smith's Career Takes a Hot New Turn

question surname answer misinterpretation double meaning will smith black - 7002000384
By MasuHUN

That Went a Lot Better Than it Could Have...

ride mustache double meaning - 7004442368
By Unknown

The Best Way to Listen to Rock

Music rock literalism double meaning - 7013864192
Via Reddit

A Magical Seal

ultimatum seal suggestion animal double meaning - 7000167680
By Unknown

Machu Pichu

Pokémon double meaning - 7000164352
By Unknown

Drag Racing

double meaning drag - 7003780096
Via Reddit

He's Got the Ticket to Ride

wheels ferris wheel double meaning ferris bueller - 6992461056
By buzmurdock

Word Choice... WORD CHOICE!

misinterpretation food double meaning microwave chinese - 7000032000
Via Reddit

What a Chernobyl Concept!

misinterpretation double meaning plant - 6992936192
By Meqad (Via John and John)

The Taliban Have Nowhere to Hide!

shoop navy seals hats literalism double meaning - 6991137280
By ScienceDog