double meaning

I'm on to Something Hair...

mustache literalism rimshot double meaning - 6834060288
Created by droo46

Apple Tablets

tablet literalism apple double meaning - 6772124672
Created by ScienceDog

Surprise! It Was Fool's Gold the Whole Time!

double meaning e homophones iron irony literalism shape - 6096102656
Created by Kraken42

Party Cat Knows How to Have a Good Time

double meaning Hall of Fame kids lsd mix trip without - 6348905728
Via Reddit

Apple Sunk my battle ship!

apple double meaning homophone iTunes ship sink sinking sync syncing - 4603850752
Created by ChobbyMex


draw literalism bridge double meaning classic - 6752160512
Created by xyzpdq1

That's Way Easier Than Working Out!

burn double meaning Hall of Fame literalism - 6360442112
Created by xyzpdq1

Size Matters

double meaning literalism medium size - 4454047232
Created by Eightyeightdays

Awww, You Shouldn't Have!

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism sweet tooth - 6478550784
Via Gemma Correll

Something Like That, Sure

misinterpretation double meaning - 7119215616
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Good Observation, Smarty-Pants

something eyes literalism trust double meaning - 6877846528
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

But Not the Kind I Like

bottle double meaning Hall of Fame literalism scotch tape - 5068716032
Created by Unknown


addiction ridiculous stop double meaning - 6987557888
Created by savannamia ( Via Something of That Ilk )

Bad Toilet Humor

the pepper pancake toilet water urine youre-in homophone cliché double meaning - 6679496448
Created by Static_Bunny ( Via The Pepper Pancake )

You Can Say That Again!

drinks idiom picture double meaning - 7140519168
Created by Unknown

He Has a Terrible Sense of Direction, But at Least He's A-Were of It!

werewolf prefix where homophone double meaning - 7148126976
Via Deep Fried Pudge