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25+ Puntastic Wordplay Memes and Posts That Clown Around With Double Meanings

Jokes galore
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Suggestive Images Curated by People Who Definitely Knew

Double entendre who?
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Suspicious Instances Where People Definitely Knew What They Were Doing

It's the implication
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Best "If I Text You" Memes For People Afraid to Share Their Real Feelings

Express yourself
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15+ Unfortunate Posts With Questionable Subtext

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Entertaining And Suggestive Blunders That Definitely Weren’t A Coincidence

There are plenty of situations in life which qualify a double take . The world is full of funny accidents, sly jokes and people just plain goofing off , but you have to look closely if you want to catch it all. With a keen eye and a dark sense of humor, you come to realize that there are plenty of questionable happenings out there. This is the premise of r/theyknew , a collection of all the so-called hilarious ‘coincidences’ that can be found out in the wild. Perhaps we all just have dirty mind…
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funny i hope he twitter meme | soulspyre Thope his photoshop crashes after adding his 256 layer and he forgot save file and doesn't auto recover

Twitter Users Share Sadistic Hopes For People Who Burned Them

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Funny meme that reads, "My friends introducing me" above a photo of someone holding a cat saying, "It's not that he's evil. He lacks empathy and goes into a dissociative state and commits atrocities"
Via Maxobb
King of the Hill, hank hill mean to customers, employees, anyone in customer service.

Imgur User Exposes Hank From 'King Of The Hill' As An Aggro Male Karen

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Funny soaps with names that could be used to insult someone

18 Painfully Honest Soap Scents That Are Perfect For Insulting Your Loved Ones

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Oh Dear

Funny meme about a public bus
Via antoniocandelaria49

Lemon Party

cannot unsee double meaning lemon literalism Party tame - 5318357248
Created by trollcave_08

Cable Ties

double meaning literalism ties - 6598963200
Created by glennvolio

She Often Feels Like She's Sensodying

double meaning literalism - 6240622080
Via Gemma Correll

Nailed it.

double meaning Hall of Fame just saying literalism nail nuts - 5195977984

Hairy Legs

hairy Harry Potter literalism homophone harry double meaning puns double entendre bad pun - 6764197632
Via Emotionally-Inspired
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