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"I don't have the heart to tell him": Woman Breaks Down When Nobody Can Come to Boyfriend's 30th Birthday, Sparks Debate About Male Friendships

Be there for your friends
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Jollyposting, the GTA 6 Trailer, and DINKs Gone Wild

Plus, the rise of the crawling cult.
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29 Philosophy Memes for Existentialists and Absurdists Alike

I think, therefore I meme
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Couple Admit That They're Not Each Other's 'Type', Prompt Debate About Attraction and Relationships

Maybe keep this private
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Fastidious Brusher Shames People Who Keep Their Toothbrush in the Bathroom, Start Debate on Cleanliness

It's too much
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Boastful Woman Starts Debate After Claiming She Never Befriends Friends' Boyfriends

Weird flex?
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Rich Couple's Wedding Guests Reveal Highlights of $59 Million Festivities, Prompt Debate on Twitter

Looks kinda mid honestly
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Defensive Dog Mom Beefs With 3-Year-Old Child for Approaching Service Dog, Causes Controversy on Twitter

Kids and dogs are not the same
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Boyfriend Asks Girlfriend to Cover Bill and Tell Everyone He Paid, Sparks Debate About Money and Gender

More money more problems
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Content Creator Posts Beige After Work Routine, Starts Debate on Lifestyle

"Seems kind of sterile"
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Bartender Splits Opinion on Twitter With Speedy Cashier Skills

Gotta go fast
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wife, husband, twitter, twitter thread, debate, tiktok, marriage, relationships, cheating, love

Wife Admits to Husband That She Could Potentially Cheat on Him, Starts Debate About Infidelity

A difficult conversation
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Avoidant Dater Advocates For Relationship 'Expiration Date', Sparks Debate on Committed Romance

A wild perspective
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Disturbed Twitter User Exposes Former Roommate's Dirty Habits, Prompts Debate About Cleanliness

Nightmare living conditions
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TikToker Gets Roasted For Filming Target Shopping Trip, Sparks Debate About Boring Content Creators

Mundanity = $$$
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Music debate movies askreddit pop culture 80s hollywood gen x 90s generations baby boomers gen z reddit thread Reddit - 22656005

'People legit thought computers would end us': Older generations weigh in on what today's youngsters just don't get

"We literally made ash trays as an art project"
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