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'Just tell me you're "busy with work and family!" I'll take the hint': HR-style break up message prompts debate about relationship overcommunication

It's a bit lengthy
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'Home renovation shows in 20-30 years will be erecting walls to heal the damage': People debate the downfalls of open plan kitchens

Get those dishes outta here
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'Your lunch was probably 6 times her hourly salary': New Yorker buys $20 curry from remote cashier in the Philippines, sparks debate about customer service work

The future is now
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Travelers debate whether you should book flights on a phone or laptop: 'My most millennial trait is big purchases must happen in big laptop screen'

It's a serious business
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'Perpetual teenagers. How boring': Twitter users argue over Seth Rogen explaining why he doesn't have kids

The most contentious life decision
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'I've always wondered why it's necessary': Woman attracts controversy for grilling boyfriend about when he will propose

All things in good time?
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'I hope this gets normalized': Bride and groom request cash instead of gifts, sparks debate about wedding etiquette

Weddings aren't cheap
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'Who has the time to give undivided attention for a phone call?': Gen-Z and millennials debate leaving their phones on 'Do Not Disturb' 24/7

In the words of Drake, "Soon as you see the text reply me."
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'Never felt patriotism before I saw this': Americans trash UK cooking, restart the international food wars

We both love fried slop
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'Anyone saying that does not have real friends irl': Twitter users decry the overuse 'therapy-speak' in real-life friendships

I'm your friend, not an MD
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'I thought this was normal too, but I'm single now': Woman's boyfriend of 2 years catches heat for watching football on their restaurant date

Not exactly romantic
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'Bluetooth headphones are $10 now': Frustrated commuters accuse people who use speaker phone in public of 'anti social behavior'

At this point, we all have headphones
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'Y'all see movies when reading?': Book lovers discover aphantasia, realize not everyone reads the same

Some people are out here with feature films in their head
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Cargo Pant Proposals, Barbie Oscars Discourse, and Disturbances at the Rat Hole

Also, is Gen Z aging faster than previous generations?
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'The baby should be working too': Mom works at fast food restaurant while carrying infant, sparks debate about work and childcare

Getting that work experience early
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'An adult eats like this?': Man shares large grocery haul, sparks debate about healthy eating

Snack central
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