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'Leave them alone creep': Woman secretly films couple's photo booth proposal, gets roasted for invading privacy

Is this normal
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'My theory that delivery apps ruined the world is truer every day': Apartment Dweller Calls Out DoorDash Driver for Not Bringing Food to Her Door, Restarts Customer Entitlement Debate

Apartment buildings can be confusing
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'It's pathetic seeing millennials sound exactly like the boomers they despise': Gen Z retail employee complains about full time work , faces heat from the internet

Life's hard for us all
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'Insane person behavior': People debate the normality of not leaving the house for one day

Keyboard warriors were not happy
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'France made me cry': Influencer complains about feeling isolated in Lyon, splits opinions on travel behavior

The Paris effect is real
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'The kind of positive cringe that leads to the most successful relationships': Dorky couple splits opinion with HR style annual review

Maybe it could have been an email
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'This is ten times more narcissistic and toxic than whatever he did to you': Roommate kicks out out guy who ghosted him twice, sparks heated discourse

Opinions are split
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'Having a little solo time becomes crucial': Cameron Diaz Reveals She Prefers to Sleep in Separate Room to Husband, Sparks Debate on Personal Space in Relationships

It makes sense
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'He's below average and didn't deserve it': College Applicant Gets Rejected From Cornell With 4.6 GPA, Sparks Debate About Entitled Students

That SAT score though
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'It doesn't seem too bad': Concerned Man Claims Co-Worker Has a Drinking Problem, Starts Debate About Alcohol Consumption

Light work?
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'Someone is recording them recording': Family Gets Called Out For Filming New Mom and Baby on Phones, Sparks Debate About Recording Special Moments

They're capturing memories
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'One of the dumbest social customs of all time': Dude Sparks Debate Slamming Homes With 'Shoes Off' Policies

It's kind of gross
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'Just use water instead': American Slams UK Old El Paso for Selling 'Extra Mild' Fajita Kits, Continues the Transatlantic Food Wars

It goes deeper than taste
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"I don't have the heart to tell him": Woman Breaks Down When Nobody Can Come to Boyfriend's 30th Birthday, Sparks Debate About Male Friendships

Be there for your friends
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Jollyposting, the GTA 6 Trailer, and DINKs Gone Wild

Plus, the rise of the crawling cult.
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29 Philosophy Memes for Existentialists and Absurdists Alike

I think, therefore I meme
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