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People Debate Whether the Demise of Blockbuster Was a Good Thing

Was it that great?
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People Discuss Why Some Women Are Suspicious of Other Women Being Nice

Does it have to be this way?
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People Ponder the Pure Weirdness of the TJ Maxx Food Section

It doesn't look tasty
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TikTokers Spark Controversy Sneaking into Hotel for Free Breakfast

A free meal is a free meal
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People Argue About Which Character Will Be the "Yellow Guy" of the 2020s

We've gotta find him
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Mommy Influencer Sparks Controversy With Meltdown Over Kid Opening Everybody's Christmas Presents

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Pile Up of Untipped DoorDash Orders Ignites Debate About Service Charges

Pay people fairly
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Grinch Claims That We Should Only Buy Presents for Ourselves at Christmas

So much for Christmas spirit
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Twitter User Sparks Debate With Claim That Women Should Always Bring Up Astrology on Dates

What's your big three?
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Cringey "I May Not Be the Woman You Marry" TikTok Trend Prompts Mockery and Discussion

They're not like other girls (your wife)
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People Debate the Dubious Usefulness of Cover Letters

250 words of nothing
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Mom's Gross Confession About 'Family Sick Bowl' Sparks Horror and Debate

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Bad and horrible annoying boss becomes angry when employee takes vacation and goes off the grid, work, office, family

Entitled Boss Loses It When Vacationing Employee Is Unreachable

Vacation time is precious. Every day that most of us salaried workers toil equals a percentage of a day of freedom. That freedom can be enjoyed in many different ways: a little staycation with your partner, ordering fancy takeout and sleeping in. Or perhaps a beach getaway, sleeping and drinking on the sand, letting the salt water rejuvenate ones body. Whatever the flavor of vacation, there is one important and universal truth for that time: You do not have to work. Most of the time we are acti…
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Female TikTokers Go Wild for 'Sexy' Guy That Mystifies The Rest of the Internet

This is the female gaze?
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Pete Davidson Can't Stop, Polyamorists Are at it Again, and Neighborly Kindness is Evil

Can people be normal for once? No? OK.
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TikToker promoting botox preventative in early 20s gets criticized on Twitter

Shallow TikToker Inspires Discussion About Preventative Botox

At age 34, I'm starting to notice that my body and face are changing. For a while, I thought I was pretty blessed genetically, but it seems what they say about smoking cigarettes is right: It ages you. Looking in the mirror may not be as fun as it used to be, but the most unpleasant part of this phase is the incessant advertisements that are popping up on all social apps. They're all for Botox, fillers, preventative skin care, and plastic surgery. If I didn't already have issues with myself, be…
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