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Couple Split Opinion With Their Wildly Different Ideas On Date-Appropriate Outfits

One of the lesser talked about truths about being in a relationship is that there’s probably always going to be one person in a couple who’s always better dressed. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be a big deal; so long as both parties are comfortable with each other’s choices, there is no need to worry about the opinion of your friend who wants you to dump them. That said, this can change when things get more high stakes. For your average fancy date night, you might expect that your partner wou…
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Woman’s Joke Shopping List For Husband Sparks Debate Over Household Chores

There’s nothing like a domestic to-do list for causing arguments in any serious relationship . Living with another person can be a nightmare, and that’s before you start taking into account who takes the trash out. Finding a way of doing things that fits both of you can take a lot of effort, especially with something as particular as buying the groceries . It is such a common predicament that when TikTok account @adamxmelinda satirized this phenomenon it went instantly viral. In the video, Meli…
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Walmart Karen Divides Opinion After Making Staff Do Self-Checkout For Her

One of the biggest changes in retail in recent years has been using self checkouts at big chain stores. Whether we have been haunted by the spectre of the unexpected item in the bagging area or indulged in the thrill of putting through our avocados as onions, scanning our own groceries is increasingly becoming part of our day-to-day lives. However, not everyone is willing to accept the new normal, even when it's the only option. When @tzipp69 shopped at a Walmart recently and realized that ther…
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Delivery Driver Gets Tipped With Slice Of Pizza, Starts Heated Internet Debate

To tip or not to tip, that is the question.
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Funny tweets debating a simple math problem

Simple Fifth-Grade Math Equation Inspires Heated Debate On Twitter

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Cracked Jordan Breeding debate John Wick: is he a really good friend or a really great assasin

Video: Is John Wick A Master Assassin, Or Merely A Master Friend-Maker?

Why not...both?
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Twitter debates fitness of Kumail Nanjiani, marvel movies, eternals, fitness, physique, accused of using steroids, quarantine, instagram, tweets, chris pratt, racism | Paul Hundred, GED This is going to be a transformative role for you, Kumail ok but no steroids. I want this to be all me We're gonna suck all the fat out of your face, render it into bars of soap, and implant them back into your face to max out your jawline. It'll be all natural. All you | Chris Pratt can bulk up for a marvel

Kumail Nanjiani's Swoleness Inspires Twitter Memes & Debates

He's been diesel since 2019, y'all.
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Banana Bread > Debate

Dank Memes, Funny Memes, Political Memes, Food Memes | friendship ended with online politics now making banana bread from scratch is my best friend
Via @_m_a_k_e_n_n_a_
funny will you shut up man memes from the presidential debate joe biden donald trump relatable memes | Cher, remember yesterday give homework haven't collect yet Everyone else class Will shut up man. | My mental illness are worthless garbage who doesn't deserve live. My coping mechanisms:

Joe Biden's 'Will You Shut Up, Man' Inspired A Whole Lot Of Memes

And here are our favorites.
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Mom Stop

Funny meme that reads, "Whenever my mom is losing an argument with me" above an image of Spongebob holding a box with the writing, "I carried you for nine months"
Via dogsarebetterhummas24
Funny memes and tweets about last night's democratic debates | OLD MAN YELLS AT OLD MAN E4 6nco'peri je:d raaer mistje Ku: d'hMy vr .e My ne AV :2.raii msindt.tetic la.d12ip Dide: ASrarar. DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL DEBAT ncIAL univision CAN TETETI CNN CNN CNN CN CAN CNN CNN CNN PIC•COLLAGE | CNL CN CW @StarWarsMemes_IG think Bernie Sanders is Sith Lord.

Best Memes From Last Night's Audience-Free Democratic Debate

Who do you think won?
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Memes that roast the democratic presidential debates in Nevada last night | greta thunberg watching donald trump from behind: KLOBUCHAR FORGETTING MEXICAN PRESIDENT ANDRÉS MANUEL LÓPEZ OBRADOR'S NAME VANESSA HUAC TELEMUNDO | mike bloomberg: finally get hang out with popular kids but all they do is make fun Sad potato noises

Roundup Of Democratic Debate Memes That Roast Last Night's Total Freak Show

Things got *spicy*
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Funny Twitter meme entitled, "What liberals call Thanksgiving"

'What Liberals Call Thanksgiving' Is The Latest Moronic Political Debate

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Mom Logic

Funny meme about moms always winning arguments with their kids because they retort with "I raised you"
Via BlackLight427

Oh It's Over Now

Funny meme that reads, "When I finish arguing and I hear the person mumbling" above a photo of a semi-truck crashing into a car
Via Neviah
Funny tweets about the 'chicken wars' between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A

'Chicken Wars' Are Dividing The Public Over Fast Food

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