Twitter thread about the etiquette of charging friends for dinner

Internet Users Debate the Ethics of Charging Dinner Party Guests For Food

Entertaining is nothing new, but it's something I've done a lot more since the beginning of the pandemic. It's become something of a ritual with my friends. I whip up dinner, people bring wine, we laugh and then say our goodbyes until the next intimate soiree. The same is true for when my friends come by - either we each bring something to contribute (especially when we're whipping up pizza in the backyard) or we pool funds to order something if we are feeling lazy. Rarely, if ever, does money…
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Article Covering Diet Coke Fans Devotional Loyalty To The Drink and Why They Think Quitting Is Not Worth It

Diet Coke Fans Rally Behind Man Who Says Quitting The Soda Took Away His "One Source of Joy"

Everyone has those little things to help them get through the day. Whether it's coffee, cigarettes, or chocolate, sometimes a little treat is just what you need to take the edge off. But there will always be those nosy people in your ear telling you that your greatest daily joy is "unhealthy" or "definitely going to kill you one day." That can be a real bummer, but after enough badgering, you might start believing them and consider quitting. This begs the question, is potentially improving your…
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work, job, chef, food, rich people, private chef, day in the life, debate, tiktok, the hamptons

Hamptons Private Chef Sparks Debate After Showing Off Her 17-Hour Workday

Is it worth it?
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disability, parking, parking space, amputee, argument, driving, aita, debate

Amputee Triumphs Over Insensitive Jerk In Argument Over Disabled Parking

Some people, SMH
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tips, tipping, cafe, restaurant, employees, employee, job, sign, controversy, debate, twitter

Restaurant Causes Controversy Over "No Tipping" Sign

Seems suspicious.
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parents, parenting, children, kids, gender, funny twitter, debate, sign, signs

Needlessly Mean & Gendered Parenting Signs Spark Needlessly Extra Response

There’s a market for these?
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Controversial Thread Rails Against The Phenomenon Of “Disney Adults”

Like OK, we get it
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food, fast food, advice, doordash, stealing, poor, facebook, debate, order

DoorDash Driver Splits Opinion After Allegedly Revealing How Easy It Is To Steal Orders

Who knew
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Despairing Woman Gets Dunked On For Complaining About Male Instacart Shopper

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People Debate Whether Employees Should Be Allowed To Nap At Work

Catching some Zs
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Christians Spark Debate After Hijacking Plane With Religious Singalong

They really prepped for this
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stealing debate discussion crime corporations funny robbery - 16816901

Jean Valjeans of Reddit Share What Is Deemed "Okay" To Steal

Many people are in agreement that stealing is bad. But most of those people are narcs. You know, parents, teachers , business owners. When I was younger I was into shoplifting. I would lift makeup from corporate drugstores and give the goods to girls in my homeroom in the hopes of making friends. The friendship thing didn't really pan out, and eventually I got caught trying to pocket some Maybelline mascara. All I was left with was CVS-related PTSD and anxious flashbacks whenever “Soak Up the S…
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People mock and debate a classified ad for a personal assistant for a Stanford student

Personal Assistant Ad For Stanford Student Sparks Mockery & Debate

The epitome of privilege.
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Twitter Users Argue Whether 23 Minutes Is A Long Time To Walk

It's a gentle stroll
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alcohol, alcoholic, drinking, drink, vodka, bartender, debate, controversy, tiktok

Bartender Catches Flak For Mocking Common Drink Order

People actually drink this?
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Widow Starts Debate After Telling Husband’s Mistress About His Death

Supremely awkward.
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