Man's Best Friend Has Nothing on the World's Most Influential Artist, or Whatever He's Calling Himself

craigslist troll selling dog for kanye
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Someone Took a Hot Dump on This Fella's Tesla, and He Needs Your Help Finding the Culprit

craigslist ad man seeking prankster who pooped on his tesla
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craigslist list trolling prank - 724741

Man Looking for Bearded Clams on Craigslist Gets Trolled With Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio's Majestic Beard

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I Need Somebody to Get Me Hot in This Weather

craigslist snow prank - 8742199808
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Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It

snowed in prius for sale craigslist
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Looking for a Unique Pet?

craigslist fly for sale - 8604720640
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Why Wouldn't You Just Hire Someone to Take Care of a Pet Cat?

gumtree ad sit at foot of bed like a cat
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This Year Why Not Try to Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad

Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad
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I See What You Did There...


That Bad Boy is Definitely Worth More Than 200 Dollars

craigslist scooters - 8196951808

Craigslist blackberries 2 for 1 sale

Demotivational poster of a Blackberry phone cut in half, captioned that Craigslist would just try to sell it as 2 for 1 deal.
By dudeitswillis
craigslist trolltube vitalyzd Video - 70677505

These Guys Think They Were Going to Get Lucky Through Craigslist...

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craigslist job Cats - 6951997696
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The More You Know


Who Wants to Knock Me Up?


Just Get It Away From Me

Craigslist potential troll that just wants to get rid of his $700 POS Ford Escape.
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