This Craigslist Poster in Los Angeles Really Needs a Bud to Help Him Pass Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World

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He Wants Serious Gamer Girls Only

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You Have to Arrange Transportation Though

craigslist Hawaii lava - 8415412480

No Wonder He Can't Just Find a Girlfriend

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So It's a Bit of a Fixer Upper, So What?

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I See What You Did There...

craigslist thesaurus - 8339912192

"Market Fluctuations"

Actual Advice Mallard grades craigslist video games school PlayStation 4 xbox one - 8329411328

"Custom Shoe Rack." Riiiiight...

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Just Pop Another Hundred Bucks Into It and It'll Be Finished

craigslist - 8243948544

Seems Legit

craigslist seems legit wat - 8237913344
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That's Georgia for You

craigslist Georgia - 8224452352

Hey, Ladies! Move in With This Guy and Get a Free Car!

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Don't Post an Ad for Go-Kart Repair on Craigslist Unless You're Willing to Deal With Some Trolls

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If You Do Something Well, Never Do it For Free

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So It's a Bit of a Fixer Upper, So What?

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Sayonara, Sucker!

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