Funny craigslist ad.
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A Perfect Match

Funny meme about craigslist missed connection where two garbage people missed each other.
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Funny meme about guy giving away his girlfriend because he loves his dog and she hates his dog, craigslist.
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Craigslist posting of creepy dude with tickets to Coachella

Super Creep Offers Free Coachella Tickets on Craiglist With 20 Extremely Cringeworthy Demands

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So Romantic

craigslist fart dating - 8993650688
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funny craigslist scammer

Craigslist Scammer Gets More Than They Were Bargaining For When This Mississippi Country Boy Took 'Em To Town

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teaching a craigslist scammer a lesson

Guy Shows Us the Work of a True Master When It Comes to Getting Back at a Craigslist Scammer

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craigslist texting funny win - 1081605

Guy Teaches Us All How to Outspam the next Spammer That Dares Cross Our Path

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trolling and stringing a nigerian scammer along

Things Got Real Out of Hand When This Person Trolled a Nigerian Scammer For a Very Long Time

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This Air Guitar Is the Best Thing for Sale on Craigslist

Image of a troll that posted a Craigslist ad for an air guitar to sell for $799 - Basically just an empty old guitar case.
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Casually Scrolling Through Craigslist

craigslist Harry Potter trolling - 8797433600
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Guy Beautifully Trolls Craigslist Ingrate Looking to Buy an Xbox One

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This Motorcycle Sales Pitch Is Very... Descriptive

craigslist motorcycle This Motorcycle Sales Pitch Is Very... Descriptive
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Screen grab of a conversation between a Craigslist troll and nanny, basically it is a cat that is being talked about, not a child.

When You Need Someone to Look After Your Two-Year-Old and They End up Calling the Police

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This Is One of the Reasons They Say Craigslist Is Dangerous

doll evil craigslist This Is One of the Reasons They Say Craigslist Is Dangerous
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